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Meet Tim Bennett and John Nash, co-hosts of The Focus Group, their weekly broadcast that invites you to share in a friendship spanning 30 plus years, while serving up the savvy side of nine to five. Together Tim and John bring to life the show’s motto of Listen, Laugh and Learn with entertaining banter and unique voices.


Kelly McDonald – How to work with and lead people not like you

04.19.17 | Kelly McDonald, marketing expert and sought after keynote speaker, catches up with Tim and John to preview her latest book, How To Work With and Lead People Not Like You. A man dies in peace thinking President Trump was Impeached, Queen Elizabeth eats this one thing every day, Ole Evinrude has a birthday, and cut flowers are big business. Listen, Laugh, and Learn with The Focus Group.

Delaying payment to small businesses is hurting the economy and is now a common practice

04.26.17 | This week on The Focus Group we address the trend where large companies are increasingly making small suppliers wait twice as long to get paid as in the recent past. It is having a devastating affect on small businesses when it comes to reinvestment, development, and human resources. But first, get out and help support your local LGBTQ non-profits. Dinining Out for Life and the Keystone Gay Rodeo are two such organizations that raise money for local LGBTQ organizations. Find a “friend” through a new app: GAYBFF. Tim and John talk about the 20 year anniversary of Ellen’s coming out and the ambiguous VW commercial that ran during the broadcast—the ad with the 2 guys and a smelly chair. We’re they friends or a couple?


The Focus Group gets BeanBoozled

04.12.17 | This week, a poop themed child’s birthday party caught John’s eye while Tim chose Alfred Butts, the inventor of Scrabble, for The Business Birthday. From The Random Sample—The Focus Group’s take on LGBT news from around North America—annointed cake that can make you straight, Oklahoma Law Makers equate LGBT youth with cross-dressers, a Pennsylvania school system sides with a trans student’s right to use the locker room of their choice, and Tim and John talk masculine lingerie. In honor of Easter, the gang plays a few rounds of BeanBoozled.

Thinking of retiring to another state? Tim and John reveal the Top 10 states for retirement

04.05.17 | Angela Giampolo, attorney and LGBTQ Legal Expert, joins The Focus Group to discuss the latest proposed government legislation and challenges facing LGBTQ Americans. Dandelion is retired from the Crayola Crayon Box, John gives Tim a french pastry only he can pronounce, and the top ten states for retirement stumps both Tim and John, but not the listeners!

Will a “gay voice” cost you a top job?

03.29.17 | Tim and John look at a new study showing that having a “gay voice” as a male and “gruff voice” as a female might cost you a top job. Conversion therapy, RuPaul’s view of Bachelorette Parties at gay bars, LGBT History Tours in New Haven, Gay Yoga in South Dakota, Bathroom Bills in Texas, and the possibility of the USA’s first trans male judge in Philadelphia are also discussed. Pick That Flick returns with more movies to stump the audience.