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Old is a numbers game

06.09.21 | Shop Talk looks at what age most people start to feel old. Listen and see if you agree. Also, the original Rainbow Flag is found and returned to San Francisco after it was thought lost 40 years ago. Our Business Birthday celebrates Ben Abruzzo, a businessman, and hot air balloon aficionado. Caught My Eye looks at a homeless Oregon woman who did not know she was left almost $900,000, and Kate Pierson of The B52’s is selling her Lazy Meadow Motel in the Catskills for $2.2 million—fully furnished in all its kitsch glory.

TFG Unbuttoned: Doge Meme sells for $4 million

06.15.21 | A Japanese lawmaker blames same-sex couples for the country’s declining birthrate. LGBTQ activists ask for an apology and experts site economic insecurity for low birthrates. Then, an iconic DOGE meme of a Shiba Inu dog, Kabosu, breaks a record and sells for $4 million. Finally, Major League Baseball, despite its conservative ownership base, is leading all major sports leagues in celebrating PRIDE with various festivities during June. Maybe June has something to do with it, but while the WNBA was the first to welcome LGBTQ fans everyone is happy to see baseball step-up to the plate.


TFG Unbuttoned: A tsunami of rainbows

06.08.21 | This June appears to have been overtaken by the rainbow and we are enjoying it. First, a Texas bakery has a large order canceled by a client for posting “More LOVE. Less hate. Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ friends!” Residents came to the rescue with support and product is selling out each day. Then, a homeowners association decided “opinion flags,” like the rainbow flag, could not be flown anymore in the neighborhood. One owner had a unique work-around. Finally, the US Military and several State National Guard Units are celebrating June Pride with messages of inclusion and Pride imagery on social media.

Abercrombie Models are OK

06.02.21 | Shop Talk looks at a competing NYC Pride March called Reclaim Pride for the LGBTQIA2S+ community. The group said the current Heritage of Pride event has turned into a 12-hour circus full of corporate floats. Caught My Eye covers the Porta Potty shortage that is upon us as the county opens up, and those shirtless Abercrombie store models from the 90’s seem to have fared well in their careers. Vic Firth, founder of the world’s largest producer of drumsticks and mallets, The Vic Firth Company, is our Business Birthday this week.

TFG Unbuttoned: Pakistan has thriving dildo biz

06.01.21 | Who knew that uptight and Islamic Pakistan has a thriving dildo and butt plug business. Don’t get caught or talking about it, but if you know how to get around the law, you can live well off the sales. Then, Bill Page, Pastor of The Church of God on River Road in Monongalia County in Morgantown, WV is arrested for filming men at the church urinal. Tim promises to pay the church a visit this Fall and get a picture for John! Finally, One Million Moms—really one woman with a laptop in Mississippi—wants us to boycott Etsy for selling male sex dolls, nudes, and sex toys. She doesn’t want our children to happen upon one of the items and purchase it for Dad as a Father’s Day Gift.