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Toblerone Chocolate has a coded logo

11.30.22 | Shop Talk shares some tips on how to spend and acquire less. Hint: know the difference between need and want. Caught My Eye announces that department store Macy’s has broken ties with The Salvation Army this holiday season. Also, discover the secret hidden in the Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone’s logo. Angier “Angie” Biddle Duke, America’s youngest ambassador and bon vivant is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: The 2022 Word of the Year is revealed

12.06.22 | A recent UK study suggests that we need to be extra diligent in cleaning our hands when using the self-checkout at a store. Apparently, the area is full of bacteria including fecal matter. Then, despite all the press and popularity of electric vehicles, in the last 10 years they have only saved 2.5 days’ worth of gasoline in the USA. Finally, Merriam-Webster revealed the word of the year for 2022: Gaslighting.


TFG Unbuttoned: Star Trek Spirits

11.29.22 | Celebrate your fandom with Star Trek Spirits. Purchase vodka or rye whiskey in custom bottles to match the iconic Romulan Ale first featured in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.” But first, learn what states have the highest and lowest consumer credit scores and the importance of checking yours each year for accuracy. Also, The Freemasons are allowing women to join the male only group if they initially joined as men. Women who transitioned to men are also eligible, but women who classify as female are not allowed. Very confusing release from the world’s oldest secret society.

The 4 Day Work Week

11.23.22 | Shop Talk covers a UK study that investigates reducing the work week by a day, reducing hours while keeping pay the same. Anecdotally, everyone who has tried it likes it. Difficult to do with some service jobs of course. Caught My Eye looks at an old fort that just sold off the coast of England and the percentage of Americas that have not experienced snow. Gwynne Shotwell, President, and COO of Space X is our Business Birthday. Happy 59th Gwynne.

TFG Unbuttoned: New York City Loves Dolly Parton

11.22.22 | The NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority is celebrating the release of Dolly Parton’s Greatest Hits Collection—Diamonds and Rhinestones—by issuing a special MetroCard. All you NYC Dolly fans be on the lookout. But first, a Catholic cemetery in Ohio erased the date of when a gay couple legally married from a tombstone. While the cemetery leadership later apologized, they still did not address how such a thing could happen. Finally, British Virgin Atlantic airlines has instituted a relaxed dress code that allows flight crews to dress in clothing that best represents them and allows for their preferred pronouns on name badges.