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Memorable class clowns in high school.
Revolutionary LGBT marketing and advertising executives.

Meet Tim Bennett and John Nash, co-hosts of The Focus Group, their weekly broadcast that invites you to share in a friendship spanning 30 plus years, while serving up the savvy side of nine to five. Together Tim and John bring to life the show’s motto of Listen, Laugh and Learn with entertaining banter and unique voices.


TFG Unbuttoned: Death With Dignity

03.13.18 | Married for 66 years and both terminally ill, an Oregon couple dies together under the state’s “Death With Dignity” law. Living & Dying: A Love Story, is a 45-minute documentary that details the background of the Emericks’ final decision and their resolve in carrying it out.

A planned LGBT retirement complex in Palm Springs, and great American companies that might disappear

03.14.18 | Tim and John talk to reporter Amy DiPierro from The Desert Sun about a planned LGBT-friendly retirement complex in Palm Springs. Not one but four business birthdays, a look at some great American companies that might disappear soon, and one cent makes a big difference in a suit against Southwest Airlines.


Canned cocktails, killer beach umbrellas, and luck has more to do with wealth than smarts

03.08.18 | The Focus Group Happy Hour Special kicks off with canned vodka and soda cocktails, which received a thumbs up. Wind-blown objects can maim or kill, and house cats share the same killer tendencies as their larger cousins. New research looks at the link between luck and wealth—hard work and smarts may not have much to do with being rich.

TFG Unbuttoned: Gus Kenworthy reminds us that homophobia has not gone anywhere

03.05.18 | While Trump threatened a Trade War, Olympian Gus Kenworthy reminds us that homophobia has not gone anywhere, as evidenced by the hateful comments on his YouTube and Twitter feeds.

Matt Skallerud and the #ILoveGay Influencer Spotlight

02.28.18 | The #ILoveGay Influencer Spotlight with Matt Skallerud from Pink Banana Media kicks off. The term “influencers” is always evolving, and Matt will showcase what kinds of influencers are succeeding today, and what digital platforms they use most. Hand-painted 1950s style refrigerators for $50K each, and some gross kids toys from the Toy Fair caught our eye.