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Memorable class clowns in high school.
Revolutionary LGBT marketing and advertising executives.

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Sci-fi and fantasy readers make better lovers

08.08.18 | It’s a business story roundup, from bike sharing programs going bust to shoes made using recycled water bottles. The middle class faces ever tougher odds, and Charles Shultz integrated Peanuts with Franklin 47 years ago.

TFG Unbuttoned: 5 brands that go beyond June & brace yourself Pumpkin Spice is coming

08.14.18 | A look at five brands that support LGBT causes all year—you may be surprised. Would you want free McDonald’s food for life like Buffet, Gates, and Romney? Then enter to win the McGold card. Pumpkin Spice is already starting to creep into stores and Hallmark is producing more Christmas movies than ever, and one fan has created a Hallmark Christmas Movie drinking game that is pure genius! Yes, it is still August!


TFG Unbuttoned: Less young people are taking those character-building summer jobs

08.07.18 | House Republicans Rep. Jeff Duncan introduced the Old Glory Only Act, banning any flag or emblem from flying at United States embassies other than the American flag—including the rainbow flag. Young people are less likely to hold summer jobs now, and more people support allowing businesses to refuse LGBTQ customers, while generally supporting marriage equality.

Do you forget someone’s name right after hearing it?

08.01.18 | Shoptalk examines why we forget someone’s name immediately after meeting them, and the 50 things everyone needs to master before 50. A study that showed heat may make a man’s assets appear larger and the dangers of keeping a parabolic mirror in the back of your car on a summer day caught our eye.

TFG Unbuttoned: When TGI Fridays first opened, it was the best singles bar

07.31.18 | A senior living community rejected two women because they’re a married couple, a recent study shows that gay men over the age of 45 are more likely to be single, and when TGI Fridays opened back in 1965, it was such a huge singles scene that cops had to close the streets nearby.