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Revolutionary LGBT marketing and advertising executives.

Meet Tim Bennett and John Nash, co-hosts of The Focus Group, their weekly broadcast that invites you to share in a friendship spanning 30 plus years, while serving up the savvy side of nine to five. Together Tim and John bring to life the show’s motto of Listen, Laugh and Learn with entertaining banter and unique voices.


TFG Unbuttoned: North Carolina courts Apple, and some folks aren’t happy

05.22.18 | Apple is getting pushback for looking to site a new facility in Research Triangle, an 85-year-old UK photographer comes out and wishes he’d done it sooner, and Connecticut encourages LGBT adoptions.

Alicia Case talks Égalité

05.23.18 | Tim and John welcome Alicia Case, Global Communications Manager and Global Co-Chair of Publicis Health’s Égalité, their LGBT business resource group. She shares insights on being an LGBT ally and plans for the continued success and growth of the group. The 96-year-old secretary who quietly amassed an $8.2 million fortune which she donated to social service groups and schools caught John’s eye.


Happy Birthday to Liberace, “Mr. Showmanship” himself

05.16.18 | Maryland officially bans conversion therapy for LGBT minors and drag queens in the UK prepare a special welcome for the President. The Business Birthday profiles Liberace, who at the height of his fame was the highest-paid entertainer in the world. And Stoli unveils a commemorative bottle honoring Harvey Milk.

TFG Unbuttoned: The Small Business Administration scrubs its site of LGBT outreach pages

05.15.18 | Four men are charged with hate crimes after assualting a gay couple who were holding hands after Miami Beach Pride. A witness who intervened to help was knocked unconscious. Senior centers are the surprising new battleground for bullying, and the Small Business Administration scrubbed its site of LGBT outreach pages.

Would You Do That to Your Mother?

05.09.18 | In her new book, customer experience pioneer Jeanne Bliss saves companies from their worst behaviors and brings out their best with one simple test for everything they do: Would You Do That to Your Mother? The mystery of the ‘Dog Suicide’ bridge in Scotland, and schools removing analog clocks because kids can’t tell time by them caught our eye.