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Via Getty is Not the name

01.13.21 | Shop Talk explores the roles of makers and managers within an organization and how we can respect one another’s time. Alfred Fuller, of Fuller Brush Fame, is our Business Birthday. Caught my eye looks at the confusion of a Capitol rioter photo tagged Via Getty and the movie Grease does not hold up well with a new generation.

TFG Unbuttoned: Whopper Redux

01.12.21 | The Home of the Whopper is heading back to the archives to create an updated new logo, packaging, uniform, and store design. How about fixing the menu? Amazon takes flight and Patagonia stays true by selecting causes and issues that are clear and direct to their company’s brand mission.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

01.06.21 | Shop Talk summarizes a recent podcast from Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, that helps us start 2021 off right. Learn why goals don’t work without this key element. Anthony Scaramucci is our Business Birthday. Caught my eye looks at the popularity of Trump piñatas and Four Seasons Total Landscaping is holding an ALS Surf and Turf Gala this Spring.

TFG Unbuttoned: Something hit the fan

01.05.21 | Welcome to 2021. Home Depot recalls 80,000 Mara ceiling fans built by Mara due to blades that may take flight. Tim and John found dark humor in the story. Then, GoDaddy pulls a not so nice holiday stunt to its employees and business is booming for wholesaler Books by the Foot as people continue to set-up “credibility bookshelves” for video conferences.

Goodbye 2020

12.23.20 | Shop Talk looks at eleven 2020 trends we are tired of as the year comes to a close. For example, not every business meeting needs to be a Zoom call. Leonard B. Stern, the co-creator of Mad Libs, is our Business Birthday. Caught my eye covers the debate as to whether Mayor Pete is really the first openly LGBTQ member of a President’s Cabinet and Christopher Walken shuns technology.

TFG Unbuttoned: Not your typical Disney Princess

12.22.20 | In searching for her birth family, a West Virginia woman discovers she is royalty from Western Africa. Then, an American and her Cayman Island boyfriend are charged and jailed for disobeying pandemic quarantine. Finally, President Obama releases his favorite books of 2020.

Hamlet was wrong

12.16.20 | Shop Talk looks at a recent article where Malcom Gladwell tells us that Hamlet was wrong. We all need to “stop overthinking and start doing because none of us knows the future.” Then, the U.S states with the most and least age bias when it comes to older workers is revealed. Yosemite Sam is our Business Birthday. Who knew that his real name is Samuel Michelangelo Rosenbaum? Caught my eye looks at the rising price of that ceramic Christmas tree, according to Martha Stewart, and George Clooney uses a Flowbee.

TFG Unbuttoned: We are just friends

12.15.20 | Sesame Street couple Bert and Ernie start a Twitter storm of speculation as Bert says he’s Ernie’s roommate and Bert says they are friends. What do you think? Elon Musk believes too many MBA’s are squelching creativity and value when it comes to corporate leadership. Due to the event, China has now recommended its flight attendants wear disposable diapers.

Rethinking the Zoom meeting

12.09.20 | The lamp from ‘A Christmas Story’ and a Mer-man Ken Doll are what Caught Our Eye this week. Shop Talk explores the Zoom meeting, with many captains of industry believing they are becoming less productive as time moves on. Many predict that while working from home is far more accepted now, there is merit to having people back together in an in-person collaborative environment. The founder of modern-day frozen food, Clarence Birdseye, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Create a fake commute

12.08.20 | Whether you read a book, listened to music, or enjoyed the solitude of the car, the daily commute was a certain kind of healthy alone time. Creating a fake commute by starting and ending your day with similar activities might be a smart way to balance your schedule. Then, USAA comes out as a great place for trans employees and allows them to bring their complete selves to work. Finally, Tim and John are perplexed by a new study that advocates watching live events that you attend through your mobile device rather than looking at the stage. Cue the Andy Griffith theme music.

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