We’re all business. Except when we’re not.

Casual Fridays

The official podcast of Sirius XM’s The Focus Group with Tim Bennett and John Nash, featuring more of our entertaining look at the out side of business – plus the fun and feisty trivia-fest “Can You Focus?” and culture picks from Tim, John and “Focus Group” favorites Paul Hagen and Katie Castellano.

Casual Fridays – Episode 12

Our Season One Finale: How Would Tim and John Have Handled It?, The Theme Word Is Season, Songs of Summer

Casual Fridays – Episode 11

How Tim and John Ended Up on the Radio, The Theme Word Is Cool, Nashing about Summer Reading

Casual Fridays – Episode 10

Good Ads and Where We See Them, The Theme Word Is Water, Back to School: College Courses We’d Take Today

Casual Fridays – Episode 9

How Much Education is Too Much?, The Theme Word Is Learn, Unforgettable Teachers

Casual Fridays – Episode 8

How Much Truth Really Is in Advertising?, The Theme Word Is Laugh, Comedy That’s Funny Every Time

Casual Fridays – Episode 7

Skewering Celebrity Spokespeople, The Theme Word Is Listen, Redefining Easy Listening

Casual Fridays – Episode 6

Going from New to Vintage, The Theme Word is Side, Television for Summer

Casual Fridays – Episode 5

What’s in Bad Taste?, The Theme Word is Out, What We’re Reading Now

Casual Fridays – Episode 4

Where Are People Going and Why?, The Theme Word is Men, Online Courses We’d Take

Casual Fridays – Episode 3

What We’re Keeping Private, The Theme Word is Mad, How We Keep in Touch

Casual Fridays – Episode 2

How Good Ideas Go Bad, The Theme Word is Bennett, What We’re Reading Periodically

Casual Fridays – Episode 1

The History of Tim and John, The Theme Word is Nash, Songs by Gay Artists