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TFG Unbuttoned: Only Fans windfall

08.24.21 | A former nurse gets bullied by her co-workers for posting some naughty pics on social media, but when those same workers find her Only Fans videos, it proves too much for the nurse and she quits. While the former nurse, Former nurse Allie Rae pulls in about 70K a month through her Only Fans page—but she misses the nursing field. Bank that coin Allie Rae! Also, MGM Resorts will auction off some Picassos from The Bellagio, said to be worth close to $104 million. Tim and John look at some of these paintings and wonder whether the slot players had any idea the art was worth millions of dollars—while slurping on their frozen daiquiris! Finally, the event is taking a bigger toll economically on the LGBTQ population than others, the latest census finds.