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Time is a thief

09.29.21 | Shop Talk discusses Oliver Burkeman’s new book, “Four Thousand Weeks.” That’s about the average number of weeks in a lifetime, and a good lens to look at time management through. Caught My Eye looks at the antics that may or may not take place on private jets and a marble gravestone is returned to Michigan cemetery. The marble slab was used for the last 100 years or so to make fudge in the home of a woman who recently was moved to a nursing home. Two Business Birthdays this week: Our very own John T. Nash celebrates his birthday Thursday the 30th along with Laszlo Biro, who was born on September 29th in 1899. Biro made millions having invented the ballpoint pen and selling the patent to Marcel Bich and collecting royalties. BIC has sold over 100 billion pens worldwide.