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Good riddance to LGBT Conversion Therapy

04.25.18 | LGBT Conversion Therapy is dying a quick death in America. Tim and John think it can’t happen fast enough, and discuss the dramatic shift in thinking, and how the U.S. is actually ahead of the rest of the world in moving away from the harmful practice. Gorton’s sells fish sticks with hunky Mer-Bros, and soon you’ll be able to sleep in the cargo hold of some long-haul flights.

TFG Unbuttoned: Credit cards get a facelift and Elon Musk gets a new couch

04.24.18 | As the functionality of credit cards change, so does their look. The raised numbers have been replaced by bolder bank graphics and custom designs. Domino’s can now deliver to the beach, and the internet decided that billionaire Elon Musk needed a new couch—and paid for one. Tesla’s PR team smartly accepted.

Life lessons from Barbara Bush

04.18.18 | Tim and John reflect on the life of Barbara Bush, and share some of her wisdom. But first, an ingenious student brings a record player to a physics exam where smart phones were not allowed, to hear his tunes. And a man in Britain claims a nerve medication made him gay.

TFG Unbuttoned: China censors LGBT content and the EPA weakens MPG standards

04.17.18 | Gay-themed content has been scrubbed from Sina Weibo, one of China’s largest social media platforms, and the Beijing International Film Festival this week removed gay-themed “Call Me By Your Name,” which had previously been announced as part of its selection. A recent EPA regulatory rollback might make U.S. carmakers wish they had never asked for weaker standards.

Mondo Guerra wants you to Dine Out for Life on April 26th

04.11.18 | Project Runway Alum and HIV/AIDS Activist Mondo Guerra joins The Focus Group this week to talk about his work with Dining Out for Life—among all his other activities. But first, Tim and John share what caught their eye and who is Masaru Ibuka? Shop Talk explores four words to avoid in interviews. See if you agree.

TFG Unbuttoned: Challenging financial times for LGBTQ rights groups

04.10.18 | LGBTQ rights group GetEQUAL is shutting down, and PFLAG is facing funding challenges. Over the past few years, several national and local LGBTQ organizations have shut their doors. In 2010, less than 3% of LGBT adults in the U.S. gave money to any national LGBT organizations.

Sampling Chambong cocktails with Chef Michael Greco

04.04.18 | Tim and John discuss Carnival Cruise Lines stance against the repeal of same sex marriage in Bermuda on Shop Talk. An Amish wax works and an app that scams phone scammers caught our eye. And Chef Michael Greco, Owner of Giullietta’s on Carmine St. in NYC shares a fun new way to drink bubbly—the Chambong.

TFG Unbuttoned: Hong Kong’s leading lady in LGBTQ rights, UFO’s and More!

04.03.18 | In 2012, Cecil Chao offered $65 million to any man who could win over his lesbian daughter and make her straight. Six years later, Gigi Chao is Hong Kong’s leading lady in LGBTQ rights. UFO’s, Liberace, and China’s retaliation against the US embargo are also on the agenda.

The Focus Group celebrates its 10th Anniversary

03.28.18 | Tim and John celebrate 10 years of hosting The Focus Group with a look back at memorable early moments, favorite guests, and fun VW Road Trip destinations. Brian Roman and the AdMark360 LGBT Business Spotlight showcases Tinia Pina, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Re-Nuble, Inc., a waste-to-resource company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. And Roland Siebelink‘s Scale Up Ally helps founding teams grow big but not corporate.

TFG Unbuttoned: Two underreported stories that affect the LGBT community

03.27.18 | Facebook is now blocking ads targeted to LGBT users, and Craigslist has shut down their personals section. Both stories have been under the radar, but will have an outsized impact on the LGBT community.

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