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Target targeted

08.16.23 | Shop Talk this week looks at a right wing, anti-LGBTQ group led by Stephen Miller, that is suing Target over what they claim is loss of shareholder value due to selling PRIDE merch this June. Caught My Eye explores the latest in autonomous driving cars and people having sex in them. Also, a UK man bought a storage container for $100 and sold it to Elon Musk for $1 million. The container happened to have a famous Lotus Esprit of James Bond fame stored undercover. Our Business Birthday is Madonna, who is 65 today.

TFG Unbuttoned: This land is your land

08.15.23 | The owner of an empty building lot in Connecticut is surprised to find a developer has built a $1.5 million home on it. The issue is now in the courts. Then, the Republican legislature in Indiana now requires schools to alert parents of children who want to be called by a name other than what is on their birth certificate—clearly directed at trans kids, simple nicknames also require a form. Finally, a woman leaves her 7-year-old French bulldog in a stroller at the Pittsburgh airport near the parking lot so she could catch her flight to a resort vacation.

One simple tweak for fallling asleep

08.09.23 | Shop Talk explores advice from Ariana Huffington who suggests one thing we can all do to fall asleep easier. Caught My Eye reveals that megastar, Taylor Swift, has gifted $55 million in bonuses to her entire tour staff last week. Also, John notices a group of girls carrying their American Dolls in what looked like pink coffins on their backs! Clarence Saunders is our Business Birthday this week. Saunders is the father of the self-serve grocery Piggly Wiggly and a couple of other automated shopping models.

TFG Unbuttoned: The incandescent bulb dims once again under Biden

08.08.23 | Exposure to extreme heat impacts EV batteries when it comes to their overall life and performance, something drivers should be aware of. Then, the Biden Administration has reinstated the ban on manufacturing incandescent bulbs originally enacted under the Bush Administration. (Trump famously accused LED bulbs of making him look orange!) Finally, a Chinese Zoo is accused of using a person dressed as a Malayan sun bear in its exhibit. The zoo denies the charge.

Four retirement myths

08.02.23 | Shop Talk this week looks at four myths of retirement that this retiree/writer thinks we need to talk about. Caught My Eye covers what Gen Z thinks about tipping, and a man who is in love with his car…sexually. Our Business Birthday is Broadcast.com co-founder, Todd Wagner.

TFG Unbuttoned: Airlines mandated to make bathrooms more accessible

08.01.23 | A San Diego Library gets help from the community when two anti-LGBTQ parents checked-out every book featured on the Pride display, intending to never return them. They demanded the library also remove all LGBTQ titles on the shelves. Their effort backfired beautifully. Then, a movie theater in NJ called the police on a mother who brought her autistic son into the bathroom, yelling at her that the bathroom was not trans. The mother is suing. Finally, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttieg has announced a new rule that requires airlines to make bathrooms more accessible for people with disabilities.

10 things you should never buy new

07.26.23 | Shop Talk this week looks at ten things you should never buy new. Caught My Eye introduces us to “GayWater,” and gold coins expected to bring in millions, found in Kentucky and are readied for auction. Our Business Birthday salutes the founder of Tyson Foods, John W. Tyson.

TFG Unbuttoned: Barbie mania takes nation by storm

07.25.23 | One of this summer’s blockbuster movies, “Barbie,” is driving conservatives crazy. They just can’t seem to agree as to why. Then, US House Representative from Wisconsin, Mark Pocan, is tired of the bigotry against LGBTQ+ people in congress and took to the floor with a fiery speech. Finally, what states order the most take-out food? The results will surprise you.

Warren Buffet and ‘The Noah Rule’ for success

07.19.23 | Shop Talk this week reveals The Warren Buffet Noah Rule. It could also be the John Nash Rule of “plan for the worst, hope for the best.” Caught My Eye covers a new drug developed in Japan that may grow teeth. Also, Jane Birkin died, and we share the story of the origin of the Hermes Birkin Bag. Our Business Birthday salutes the “Father of the Microwave Oven,” Percy Spencer.

TFG Unbuttoned: Portland honors Darcelle the iconic Drag Queen

07.18.23 | Darcelle was the world’s oldest working Drag Queen when she died last year at 92 in Oregon. To honor her and her years of community service to the people of Portland, the city is naming a public plaza Darcelle Plaza. But first, a woman in Key West Florida is challenging men-only, clothing optional resorts, for not allowing women. Then, Beekman 1802 selects Mrs. Potato Head as their spokesperson for their new skincare product.

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