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Warren Buffet and ‘The Noah Rule’ for success

07.19.23 | Shop Talk this week reveals The Warren Buffet Noah Rule. It could also be the John Nash Rule of “plan for the worst, hope for the best.” Caught My Eye covers a new drug developed in Japan that may grow teeth. Also, Jane Birkin died, and we share the story of the origin of the Hermes Birkin Bag. Our Business Birthday salutes the “Father of the Microwave Oven,” Percy Spencer.

TFG Unbuttoned: Portland honors Darcelle the iconic Drag Queen

07.18.23 | Darcelle was the world’s oldest working Drag Queen when she died last year at 92 in Oregon. To honor her and her years of community service to the people of Portland, the city is naming a public plaza Darcelle Plaza. But first, a woman in Key West Florida is challenging men-only, clothing optional resorts, for not allowing women. Then, Beekman 1802 selects Mrs. Potato Head as their spokesperson for their new skincare product.

Bike Buds takes a hit on the road

07.12.23 | Shop Talk this week looks at the difficulties LGBTQ small businesses encounter when looking for financing. Caught My Eye covers a lawsuit out of Canada where the thumbs-up emoji was ruled to be considered a “yes” where contracts are involved. Also, a group of cannabis loving cyclists formed in VA called Bike Buds. Our Business Birthday is flamboyant exercise guru Richard Simmons who turns 75.

TFG Unbuttoned: No circuit gays allowed

07.11.23 | London LGBTQ club Adonis has made it known to all patrons that everyone is welcome and instituted a “no circuit gays” rule. Then, Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer tells us that take-out is transactional and does not require a tip. Finally, Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo, has created people manned check-out locations for customers that may want or crave social interaction. The program has expanded and proved very popular with the elderly population.

Pizza rolls, perms, and Chia Pets

07.05.23 | Shop Talk this week looks at the man who made Chia Pets and The Clapper part of our American culture—Joseph Pedott. Caught My Eye looks at the rebirth of the 80’s perm for men and a vintage recipe box found at a thrift store filled with comfort food from days past. Our Business Birthday is the inventor of Jeno’s Pizza Rolls and Chun King prepared Chinese food, Jeno Paulucci.

TFG Unbuttoned: Pay to Play now at Costco

07.04.23 | Mega retailer Costco, is taking a page from Netflix and cracking down on people who share memberships without paying. Also, a janitor ruins 20 years of research at an RPI lab, resulting in a million-dollar lawsuit. Finally, Lady Di’s infamous black sheep sweater hits the auction block this summer and is expected to fetch at least $80K.

Most searched LGBTQ movies by state

06.28.23 | Shop Talk this week looks at the LGBTQ movies most searched for in each of the 50 states. Caught My Eye covers a toy recall, the demise of a Good Humor favorite and reclaiming water in space. Our Business Birthday is the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell.

TFG Unbuttoned: Fake Priest

06.27.23 | A fake priest is brought into a restaurant in California to get “work confessions” from employees. The restaurant has been fined $140K by the government. But first, PRIDE across America sees support remaining steady with few brands cancelling support due to the rash of anti-LGBTQ initiatives. Banana Republic goes back to their safari roots with a new campaign.

Quitting for Success

06.21.23 | Shop Talk this week looks at the art of quitting at the right time. Caught My Eye covers an odd mother daughter conflict helped by a Michigan bank teller. Garth Brooks has decided that his bar will serve all beers including Bud Light. Our Business Birthday is the inventor of Dr. Pepper, Charles Alderton.

TFG Unbuttoned: Happy Pride

06.20.23 | Orange County California votes to only allow official flags to fly on county property. So, no PRIDE flags will be allowed. Then, a 20-year study finds that having an Ivy League education does not give you an advantage when it comes to running a Fortune 500 company. Finally, food waste is a huge problem in the USA and with 9 million children having food insecurity in our country our leaders seem to be more concerned about drag queen story hour.

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