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Wonka Fail

04.03.24 | Shop Talk looks at the freefall in religious affiliation in America. Anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment within some churches is part of the blame for the decline in church membership. But first, Caught My Eye asks whether a bench dedication plaque in Bristol, England is real. Also, a promised Wonka immersion exhibit in Scotland leads to tears and lawsuits. Mellody Hobson, head of Starbucks and the first African American female to lead a S&P 500 company, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: What’s That on Your Head?

04.02.24 | In order to keep the government “open” President Biden had to sign legislation that banned the Pride Flag from being flown above US Embassies this June. Once again, the LGBTQ community becomes the MAGAs favorite punching bag. Then, the kosher food brand Manischewitz goes through a major rebrand to attract latent and new consumers. John and Tim plan to bite and purchase a box of Matzo!  Finally, the City Museum in St. Louis entered the Guinness Book of World Records by having the most people at one time wearing underwear on their heads while dancing to the Village People hit YMCA.

Employing the Temptation Bundle

03.27.24 | Shop Talk looks at the concept of “temptation Bundling.” Combine a perceived dreaded task with something rewarding like exercise or music to avoid procrastination. But first, Caught My Eye acknowledges the father of Karaoke and salvaging a $17 billion shipwreck off the coast of Columbia. Henry Royce, the co-founder of Rolls Royce, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: C’est Fou

03.26.24 | A lesbian judge makes history as being the first appointed to the conservative 4th District that includes Maryland, the Carolinas, and the Virginias. Then, the Paris Olympic Games will be well stocked with 300,000 condoms—30 per athlete—this summer. Finally, chocolate prices are increasing by 50% due to climate change. If you can, wait until the Monday after Easter for your bunnies and eggs.

Master This Skill for Career Success

03.20.24 | Shop Talk shares advice from the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, that can lead you to career success. But first, Caught My Eye reveals the rules of a nude cruise and asks you if you know your blood type. Matt Nuccio, toy designer, is our Business Birthday. Also, John gives Tim advice about returning pants to Costco.

TFG Unbuttoned: Jockstraps Still Hold Up and Oprah Gets Personal

03.19.24 | Oprah was honored at the 35th Annual GLAAD Awards in Los Angeles this past week and gets personal about AIDS. Also, a couple in England gets censored via Instagram for a family photo of the two dads with their newborn. Finally, the ubiquitous jockstrap is 150 years old this month!

Six of One, Half Dozen of Another

03.13.24 | Shop Talk looks at the concept of food shopping using a 6-1 ratio. Six vegetables, five fruits, four protein sources, three starches, two sauces or spreads, and one item just for fun. But first, Caught My Eye reveals that Costco is now selling silver coins after a successful run with gold bars last year. Also, an ancient structure in the UK, Hadrian’s Wall, is designated an LGBTQ Landmark. Ken Carson Jr., the Ken doll by Mattel, is our Business Birthday. Happy 63rd Ken!

TFG Unbuttoned: Donut Debacle

03.12.24 | A shop on Long Island, Cindy Snacks, thought they were buying vegan and gluten-free donuts from the Savory Fig. Instead, they were regular donuts from Dunkin. But first, a rare, Yellow-Billed Loon took up residence at the famed Bellagio Fountains on the Las Vegas Strip. And Qatar police are creating fake social profiles to entrap gay men leaving many with no way forward.

Bud Light Marketing Gaffe Lingers

03.05.24 | Shop Talk looks at the financial cost that the Bud Light Boycott has had on the holding company InBev. But first, Caught My Eye features an Irish woman who claimed a back injury, but gets caught by the insurance company winning a Christmas Tree Throw. Also, an Ohio State University student gets caught peeing on a PRIDE Flag on private property. He returned a few days later to apologize, but the family is moving forward with multiple charges. George Draper Dayton, founder of Dayton’s and what became Target Department stores, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: X is in a Twitter with Fake Bots

03.05.24 | Macy’s Department stores will shed 150 unproductive locations and focus on their luxury portfolio of Bloomingdale’s and Blue Mercury. Then, X—or as we know it, Twitter—has been overrun with bots. This came to light during the Super Bowl when 76% of the traffic to advertisers from the platform was fake. Finally, in NYC the transit system wants you to stop riding and having sex on top of subways cars and posting to social media.

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