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Why do people cry on planes?

02.27.19 | Have you ever found yourself more emotional at 35,000 feet versus sea level? Apparently, there is some science behind it while others say nonsense.  Guess where Tim and John weigh-in! A piece of LGBT history closes in LA, and a CIA memo surfaces from 1980 that helps agents identify possible gay job applicants.

TFG Unbuttoned: Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova doubles down on her views regarding trans women in sport

02.26.19 | LGBTQ Activist and tennis great Martina Navratilova believes trans women should not be allowed to compete as women in the sports arena. Advocacy group Athlete Ally has severed ties with Navratilova and dropped her from their board. Are Martina’s points valid? But first, state and local politicians continue to try to erode LGBTQ rights in Arizona and Kansas. Is this 2019?

A gift card glitch nets a young man $320K

02.20.19 | A 24-year-old man figured out a gift card payment loophole on eBay and ordered $320K worth of merchandise. 1,100 orders later, it could not be brushed off as a one-time incident. Boredom is not a bad thing—in kids or adults. It leads to flights of fancy, and ultimately self-discipline and resourcefulness. Herbert Vollrath Kohler, Jr.—founder of bathroom fixture maker Kohler—turns 80 on our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Lawmaker says he would drown his kids if they were gay.

02.19.19 | A West Virginia Republican says that if he found out his kids were gay, he would drown them. He also does not feel he needs to abide by a socialist-left agenda due to his religious convictions. On the other side of the USA we have Las Vegas readying itself for the nation’s first Stripper Parade this Fall. Finally, a birthday cake prank goes awry. Not funny to some perhaps, but we did laugh.

Stay off social media if you want a career in Politics or Hollywood!

02.13.19 | Draw a picture to help you remember things and a Happy Business Birthday to the woman who named and then ran Slinky, Betty James. President Trump wonders about the beaches and people of Diego Garcia, and calls Nepal and Bhutan Nipple and Button. Yes, this is true. Shop Talk looks at hiring practices and how weight is now a bigger factor than gender, race or orientation.  And, new agencies are being developed to scour social media issues that may arise for celebrities and politicians.

TFG Unbuttoned: Does sex always sell?

02.12.19 | Arizona residents who purchase a license plate with “In God We Trust” on it are actually helping to fund the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group that files legal challenges to overturn nondiscrimination protections that include sexual orientation and gender identity. Delta distributes napkins that encourage people to exchange phone numbers the “old school” way, and a Philly realtor is selling a suburban house with a sex room in the basement.

A half-female half-male bird is more common than you would think

02.06.19 | A couple in Erie finds an “odd” bird at their feeder, PETA has a problem with Bo Peep, and Scruff is forced to have its user’s “clean-up” their pics. Our Business Birthday is a character actor that has voiced some iconic attractions, songs, and a certain cereal tiger. But first, a Super Bowl ad recap and our “Fraunce” verses “Frants” story makes Don in Alabama’s Alexa go crazy!

TFG Unbuttoned: Denying a gay couple their marriage might cost Kim Davis more than $220,000 in legal fees

02.05.19 | A young boy asked each car company to send him a decal of their logo. He got way more than decals, even from some companies that stopped making cars years ago. Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who denied a gay couple a marriage license, is on the hook for paying more than $220,000 in legal fees, and the President’s New York pastor says Trump never stepped through his church’s doors—not one time.

Mom and Dad choose love of their daughter over church

01.30.19 | John gets a ROBO call from the way far East, Tim has met this week’s Business Birthday Honoree, and we welcome a new sponsor to the show—Homesick candles. Shop Talk looks at the death of the sick day and identifies the first brand to get the NGLCC seal as a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise.

TFG Unbuttoned: Would you pay $80 for a box of used tissues?

01.29.19 | A Danish company has set up shop in LA to sell used tissues that supposedly get you sick now, so you won’t get sick with the same cold later. 20% of American couples have secret bank accounts or credit cards according to a recent survey. And finally, residents of the famed crooked Lombard Street in San Francisco are fed up with the tourist traffic and want to start charging motorists. (Tim and John suggest you skip Lombard and head over to Vermont St.)

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