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TFG Unbuttoned: Your brain is wired for pessimism

10.23.18 | A father stepped up to his son’s bully in an unexpected way: by treating him like a son and showing him a little kindness. According to a new report by GLSEN, a national LGBTQ youth advocacy organization, progress for LGBTQ students has slowed for the first time in a decade, and trans and gender-nonconforming youth face increasingly hostile school climates. And our brains are wired for pessimism—and what you can do to fix it.

The ten most stressed out states to live in

10.17.18 | The top ten most stressed out states to live in might come as a surprise. Six factors were used to compile the list—long commute times, unemployment, hours worked, population density, home price-to-income ratio and the number of uninsured residents in each state. Police are not happy about googly eyes showing up on historic statues, and Tituss Burgess will host a London to New York Virgin Atlantic flight featuring drag queen bingo and live performances for WorldPride in June 2019.

TFG Unbuttoned: A couple buys a hotel in Sri Lanka after one rum to many

10.16.18 | A group of pastors in Texas are suing the city of Austin to overturn an employment nondiscrimination ordinance, saying it doesn’t include an exemption for “employers who hold religious objections” to LGBTQ people. A London couple on honeymoon in Sri Lanka buys the hotel they were staying at after 12 glasses of rum each, and a white couple whose black babysitter was followed by a white woman and questioned by police said they were in disbelief about the incident.

Being your own boss is healthy

10.10.18 | Working for yourself and being your own boss might also lead to better mental and physical health. Switzerland has voted to impose the strictest penalties in the world for trans- and homophobia, putting them on par with racism. Those found guilty of either could face up to three years in prison. A hotel in Brisbane was forced to apologize for a ‘sexist’ ad featuring a couple enjoying breakfast in bed, and ‘drunk’ birds are causing havoc in a Minnesota town.

TFG Unbuttoned: This monthly payment may be killing your wealth

10.09.18 | The Toys R Us bankruptcy auction was canceled, and the brand may be set for a revival. Your monthly car payment can be a wealth killer by preventing savings, and a landscaper in Georgia won’t work for a gay couple.

Is it time to retire the word diversity in the workplace?

10.03.18 | While the Out & Equal Workplace Summit takes place in Seattle, The Focus Group traveled to the frontline to speak with two HR professionals regarding diversity, inclusion, and the fast-changing worker/employer landscape. Machelle Williams and David Bruce of Volkswagen serve up the challenges and opportunities facing many companies right now. But first, did Disney “white wash” a Princess, and a bridal parties list of crazy demands.

TFG Unbuttoned: Gay penguins ‘kidnapped’ a chick from its ‘neglectful’ parents at a zoo in Denmark

10.02.18 | In an attempt to stop a drag queen story hour event at the Lafayette Public Library in Louisiana, two antigay Christian groups have filed suit against the town, the governor of Louisiana, and the library. Drinking diet soda can lead to metabolic syndrome, a mix of conditions that includes: increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and weight gain. And drama at the Zoo! A gay penguin couple briefly ‘kidnaps’ a chick from neglectful parents.

The one question all brands should ask: Do They Care?

09.26.18 | Douglas Spencer has more than 20 years of experience in nearly every modern marketing discipline. His new book, Do They Care, shows executives from marketing to human resources why people want to care about their brands and how to enable them. The New York Yankees are committing to the LGBTQ community by way of a $50K student scholarship to honor the gay rights movement at Stonewall 50 years ago, and a man’s strange behavior in the produce isle gets him arrested.

TFG Unbuttoned: Two McDonald’s customers pull a prank that nets them $25K each

09.25.18 | Amazon is placing fake packages on trucks to ensure drivers don’t steal, two McDonald’s customers take advertising matters into their own hands and get $25K each for their efforts, and a Stonewall picture book due in April of 2019 will break down the historic LGBT rights moment for kids.

Where can you live on $37K a year in retirement?

09.19.18 | OUT Law featuring attorney Angela Giampolo kicks off, with a look at LGBT legal issues from around the country. Tim and John sample new Oreo flavors, Amazon is selling live Christmas trees this year and an English town hears eerie children’s singing only at night. You can retire for $37K a year in these five cities, but there’s a catch.

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