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One skill will make you a great leader

02.01.23 | Shop Talk reveals the one skill that you should employ if you want to be a great leader. Caught My Eye answers the question as to what happens to decommissioned ships and looks at software that tracks your work efficiency. The creator of the Miracle Mop, Joy Mangano, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Fireball whiskey flames out

01.31.23 | Consumers have filed a lawsuit against the makers of Fireball Whiskey. Allegedly, the little bottles of Fireball whiskey do not contain whiskey, but a malt beverage with whiskey flavoring. Then, Sheetz Convenience Marts are coming under scrutiny for their “smile policy” that forbids placing people with broken, missing, or discolored teeth from working on the front-line greeting customers. Finally, Oklahoma is the latest state to go after drag queens for performing in public venues. The proposed bill would fine a performer up to $20,000- and two-years jail time.

4 Ways to be happy in 2023

01.25.23 | Shop Talk expands on an 85-year-old Harvard study on happiness and recommends these 4 simple practices each week to make us all happier. Caught My Eye explores the difference between European and American cashiers. Also, a pristine low mileage 1979 Pontiac Trans Am is found in a Michigan garage and promises to bring in quite a bit of money at auction. The creator of Pac-Man, Toru Iwatani, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: China cracks down on ink

01.24.23 | China is regulating tattoos labeling them as immoral, western, and not in keeping with Confucian Societal norms. But first, over 70% of advertised direct-to-consumer medications have a low therapeutic value versus what is currently on the market. Finally, the Canadian Girl Guides drop the category of Brownie and will now call members Embers.

Ronzoni, M&M’s, and Tito’s

01.18.23 | Shop Talk covers three stories about the cancellation of Ronzoni’s Pastina, female M&M’s and Martha Stewart’s ode to Dry January with Tito’s Vodka. Caught My Eye reveals some Star Wars toys that may be worth a fortune. Check your attic! Also, a Penn State professor, Sam Richards, encourages straight men to watch gay porn to see if they may be bisexual. The same class also teaches females how to urinate standing up. The inventor of barbed wire, Joseph Glidden, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Money Talks in Poland

01.17.23 | One Million Moms are up in arms about a TurboTax commercial that shows a same sex marriage. If you blinked, you’d miss it, but this is on the radar for the religious righteous. Then, a Polish town that passed anti-LGBT legislation creating a LGBT Free-Zone has reversed their decision when they realized they would lose funding from the EU. Finally, Japan is offering Tokyo residents an incentive to move to the less populated regions of the country.

Potato, Potata

01.11.23 | UPenn Professor and author, Peter S. Fader, is our guest on Shop Talk. Peter is the Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School and his expertise centers around the analysis of behavioral data to understand and forecast customer shopping/purchasing activities. His latest book, The Customer-Base Audit, encourages marketers to put the customer first for success. Caught My Eye looks at the country of Turkey’s name change and a new documentary about Miss Cleo. Laurens Hammond, inventor of the Hammond Organ, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Louisiana institutes porn ID

01.10.23 | Out and Advocate magazines come under a new LGBTQ managed entity called Equal Pride. Leadership says a focus on the underserved and GenZ LGBTQ audience will be a priority. Louisiana is going to require a government issued ID to access online porn. Finally, a couple rented a Tesla during the recent cold snap that gripped most of the lower 48 and learned the pitfalls of EV ownership in weather extremes.

The top 6 mid-size cities for LGBTQ retirement

01.04.23 | Shop Talk shares a recent study that highlights six mid-sized cities that LGBTQ people should consider for retirement. Caught My Eye looks at people who have died in 2022 that while not celebrities, certainly deserve notice. Esther Snyder, co-founder of the famous burger chain In and Out Burger, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Get your Trump Toilet Brush

01.03.23 | Welcome to 2023! This week we look at the increase of same sex married couples in the USA and then discuss the reusable grocery bag. If you are not using your reusable bag over 7,000 times, the environmental impact is questionable. Finally, a Trump Super Store in Myrtle Beach, SC continues to do well since opening last year.

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