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May 28: Billy Kolber and who invented the Hamburger?

Billy Kolber, Man About World Founder and Travel Expert, joins us this week and reveals his picks for summer travel to Europe—now that the dollar is so strong against the Euro. Monaco anyone? Billy also shares with The Focus Group the first LGBT Guide to Business Travel. The guide is quickly becoming the “go to” resource for corporations sending their employees overseas. But first, who invented the hamburger and do you remember Ebenezer Butterick? Tim and John share their Summer Reading List and take a question from a listener.

May 21: Founder of Dot Gay, Scott Seitz

Scott Seitz, Founder and CEO of SPI Marketing and Founder of Dot Gay joins The Focus Group to discuss the state of LGBT Marketing in today’s world of digital, apps, and assimilation. If you have ever heard of Absolut Vodka then you know Scott. He is one of the pioneers of LGBT marketing and helped lead the way for other brands to recognize the importance of the lgbt consumer.

May 14: The $2 Bill & Gay Wine Weekend

Saturday, May 8th: Author Erin McHugh

Saturday, May 8th: Author Erin McHugh

We’re Back & Everywhere!

Saturday, April 30th: We’re Back & Everywhere!

Friday, February 12th

It was a privilege to host the last live show on OutQ today. To everyone who has tuned in, called in, and made this remarkable channel a part of their daily lives, a big heartfelt “thank you” for being the best extended family anyone could ask for. Keep-up-to-date with The Focus Group, and where you can hear the show next, by following us on Facebook and Twitter. If you missed it, here is the link to the complete audio from today’s goodbye show.

Saturday, February 6th

Stuart Elliott, former advertising and media reporter for the New York Times, now writes for MediaVillage, joins The Focus Group in the second hour to talk all things Super Bowl Advertising. Join the conversation at 866-305-6887.

Saturday, January 30th

Professor ‪Timothy Calkins‬ of ‪Northwestern‬ University’s ‪Kellogg School‬ compiled the first Super Bowl Advertising Review in 1999, and expanded it to the current format to include student input. His focus in evaluating Super Bowl advertising is simple: Creativity is great, and popularity is great, but at the end the day does the advertising build the business? Join the conversation at 866-305-6887. 11am east on SiriusXM 106. 

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