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Grandmother’s dying wish will surprise and delight

08.03.22 | Shop Talk covers an article from CNBC that shares 4 common things that parents never did and yet raised highly successful adults. Caught My Eye looks at Coca-Cola’s Sprite brand reboot and a woman in Mexico who erected a penis statue at her grave. Professional housekeeper, and inside trader, Martha Stewart is our Business Birthday. Happy 81st Martha!

TFG Unbuttoned: DeSantis drags us back to 1947

08.02.22 | Florida Governor Rick DeSantis is upset that parents brought their children to a drag brunch in Miami club R House. DeSantis wants to stop this activity and is using a 1947 court ruling that says men who impersonate women in a suggestive way can be considered a public nuisance. Equality Florida is fighting back. Then, Raul Carbajal left his three-month-old Siberian Husky puppy in the car with his mouth taped shut while he gambled at the Bellagio. It was 113 degrees when police rescued the puppy and arrested Carbajal when his luck ran out. Finally, more and more retailers are locking up everyday goods to stop theft.

Pat Benatar fires her last shot

07.27.22 | Shop Talk reveals Ford Motor Company’s plan to lay off 8,000 salaried workers this year as they switch to electric vehicles. Also, has the country gone tip happy? Caught My Eye let us know that the familiar Staten Island mansion from The Godfather is for rent through Airbnb. Also, Pat Benatar says she will no longer sing one of her top selling songs, “Hit Me with Your Best Shot.” The Rolling Stones have also stopped singing “Brown Sugar,” but Cher will continue dressing like a Cherokee when she sings her hit “Half Breed.”  Allen Breed, the pioneer of automotive airbags is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Walgreens employees find Jesus

07.26.22 | Walgreens has a policy that allows its employees to not sell birth control products, such as condoms, to customers under the guise of moral or religious beliefs—#BoycottWalgreens. Then, a far-right anti-LGBTQ group gets certified as a church to avoid taxes but continues to act like a political action committee. Finally, a woman flying home to Australia failed to declare her chicken foot long Subway sandwich upon arrival and was fined $1,844.00 US by customs enforcement. The Subway Corp. felt sorry for her and gave her $1,844.00 in vouchers.

The 10 Worst States in America to live in

07.20.22 | Shop Talk looks at a recent list published through CNBC that identifies the 10 worst states in America based on quality of life, healthcare, and inclusion. Did your state make the list? Caught My Eye profiles Nintendo and their recognition of same-sex marriage despite Japan’s ban of such unions. Also, a listener sent in a story about a Montana library’s new logo that is coming under fire for being a nod to a rainbow. We know that’s a call for anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, even though the company who produced the logo said it is a prism. Jeanne Bice, the QVC seasonal sweater and blouse queen who founded Quaker Factory, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Rainbow lights spark problem in Boise

07.19.22 | A Boise Idaho resident was told to remove the rainbow lighting from the front of his home. The tasteful display from Jordan Hall was present during June, but when the complaints came in, he decided to keep them up—since no one ever complains about holiday lights, for example. A hearing is set for August. Then, an elementary school teacher, Michael Thomas Pruden, has been arrested in the DC area for impersonating a police officer and assaulting gay men. Finally, Halifax Bank in the UK tells customers that are upset about the use of pronouns on employee name badges to go find another bank if they don’t like it.

There’s no place like home

07.13.22 | Shop Talk covers the unfortunate trend of librarians coming under pressure from the culture wars. Many have decided to leave the profession as schools boards, legislatures, and parents have labeled the librarians as pedophiles, groomers, and providers of obscene material. This is the US in 2022. Caught My Eye looks at the sideline antics at the Tour de France. Also, a family invites the former habitants of their house to come visit. Tillie Lewis, the Tomato Queen, is our Business Birthday. Erno Rubik, of the cube fame, is 78 on July 13th as well.

TFG Unbuttoned: Hold my beer while I light a firework off my head

07.12.22 | A San Antonio man celebrated the 4th by lighting a high-powered firework off his head. It blew his skull open, and Pablo Ruiz is no longer with us. Then, an Idaho radio station is keeping its rainbow PRIDE logo well beyond June. Check out 96.6 The Eagle classic rock station in Boise! Finally, a massive new bridge opened this past weekend in Los Angeles. Known as the Sixth Street Viaduct, it considered the importance of pedestrians and cyclists.

R2D2 Missing

07.06.22 | Shop Talk looks at the art of small talk and provides a few starter questions. Caught my eye goes behind the scenes of the famous gay anthem, ‘It’s Raining Men.’ Also, a job applicant stole R2D2 out from under the eyes of Disney security in the hopes they would hire him—for a security job! Media and real estate mogul, Merv Griffin, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Save when you can

07.05.22 | LBGTQ people are less prepared financially in retirement when compared with the general population. There are several anecdotal factors, but the good news is that you can still save at any age for the future. Then, an Alaska Day Care serves floor sealant instead of milk to the children. How does this happen? Finally, find out if you live in a dog state or cat state. A new study breaks out the USA into dog or cat states which is a nice change to the red or blue maps we so often see.

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