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I want my AM radio

05.24.23 | Shop Talk covers the graduation speech from a Harvard Happiness Expert that tells graduates that two pieces of advice they have heard are terrible. Caught My Eye covers the potential demise of AM radio in vehicles and a trans student forced to miss graduation due to dress code. Harry Reese, inventor of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is our Business Birthday this week. Also, the second Road to Pride series this week features The Trevor Project.

TFG Unbuttoned: Consumers getting the shaft

05.23.23 | Miller-Lite beer is targeted by the right for a “woke” campaign to honor Women’s History Month. Though the campaign is two months old, a conservative group is suggesting a boycott of the brand. Then, a couple in PA got caught up in the bankruptcy of Bed, Bath and Beyond. They had a baby registry there and can no longer reach anyone in customer service regarding out-of-stock products that were purchased. They may lose upwards of $1,000. Finally, Oscar Mayer is changing the name of the Wienermobile to the Frankmobile in honor of the new hotdog recipe this summer.

Bill Gates secret to expertise

05.17.23 | Shop Talk looks at a method Bill Gates employs to find out how well you may know a topic. Caught My Eye covers the stripper recession and an update on an old homophobe. Frederick Jones, inventor of the portable refrigeration systems, the snow mobile, and many other items is our Business Birthday this week. Also, the first segment in our Road to Pride series this week features Amhir Hidalgo, Senior Development Director at CenterLink.

TFG Unbuttoned: Grads inflated salary ego

05.16.23 | Recent college grads have a starting salary expectation beyond reality according to recent study—they have inflated their worth by as much as $30K and have starting salary expectations in the $85K range. Then, Robert Lachky, former brand manager at Bud Light, says his 20 years of brand building to make the beer number one in sales was dismantled in about a week. Finally, a lawsuit about a hot McNugget that burned a child’s leg is making its way through the courts.

Boycott brings out strange bedfellows

05.10.23 | Shop Talk looks at the health concerns regarding an epidemic of loneliness. Caught My Eye covers a failed rocket launch of cremated remains and a new boycott of  Bud Light from gay bars in Chicago. Edward Porter Williams, co-founder of Sherwin-Williams Paints is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: The demise of the Limo

05.09.23 | A mystery in Old Bridge, NJ has yet to be solved—who dumped over 300 pounds of pasta along a creek in the town, spurring a social media frenzy. Then, conservative Montana lawmakers are going full steam ahead on an anti-drag bill that could threaten the likes of Lady Gaga, Shakespeare plays, and Halloween. Finally, have you noticed the disappearance of limos on the streets? In the last decade the limo has been replaced by the non-descript large black SUV.

A look back at the 1993 March on Washington

05.03.23 | Shop Talk looks at the 1993 LGB March on Washington. How have things changed in 30 years? Caught My Eye celebrates Pride merchandise for sale at 100 Tennessee Kroger stores and a sperm donor is asked to take a break. Ron Popiel, “inventor of everything” through his company Ronco, is our Business Birthday this week. You remember Veg-O-Matic, Mr. Microphone, and the Bedazzler.

TFG Unbuttoned: Knobs and buttons make a comeback

05.02.23 | Automakers are listening to drivers who are pushing back against the many touch screens that have overtaken the vehicle dashboard. Look for buttons to make a comeback to turn on the basics like a radio or heat. But first, the live audio app, Clubhouse, has laid off staff and is looking to reboot in their quest for relevancy. Then, guess which airline was voted worst in the USA last year? You may be surprised at what airline finished in the number two spot behind Delta.

Labels Matter

04.26.23 | Shop Talk looks at the one mantra that helps Apple’s Tim Cook deal with business critique. Caught My Eye uncovers a Roman bust found in a Texas Goodwill and Miller HighLife beer gets trashed in Belgian. Apparently, the authorities thought the beer was mislabeled “champagne.” Michele Ferrero, inventor of Nutella and owner of TicTacs and Ferrero Roche, is our Business Birthday this week.

TFG Unbuttoned: Dimes, Dimes, Dimes

04.25.23 | $200K worth of dimes are stolen from a shipment of coins destined for Florida. The driver had left the US Mint in Philadelphia with $750K worth of dimes, parked to rest overnight, then thieves made off with the stash. So far, no charges have been filed. Then, a mother is asked to pick-up after her child makes a mess on the airplane. The husband tweeted his anger and did not receive the response he would have liked. Finally, after 25 years, Netflix is stopping its DVD by mail service.

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