We’re all business. Except when we’re not.

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What’s next on the LGBT Agenda?

Cathy Renna, Managing partner at Target Cue, joins Tim and John for an important conversation about the state of the LGBT movement. Cathy is nationally recognized as both a media relations and communications expert and leader within the LGBT community—having been a major force behind the success and growth of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). But first, we celebrate John’s Birthday, learn that Anne Murray may not be so wholesome, and there’s money in a meteorite hitting your old Malibu.

Road Trip with the 2017 VW Golf Alltrack

Tim and John share their eight state, 2,000 plus mile journey in the all new VW Golf Alltrack making their way from Seattle to Denver. Hear and see what attractions they loved, places they would skip, and what hotel had the best water pressure—hint not the Kimpton! The VW Golf Alltrack became part of the Focus Group Family as it guided us over the beautiful but gut wrenching Beartooth Pass in Wyoming. Come along for the ride!

Jen Rubio, Co-Founder of Away Travel, “First Class Luggage at a Coach Price.”

Jen Rubio, Co-Founder of Away Travel, joins the Tim and John for a lively business conversation. Prior to co-founding Away, Jen was the Head of Social Media at Warby Parker, spearheading content and sponsorships. In 2015, Jen was named on Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Marketing & Advertising. But first, Japan invents a translating megaphone for the 2020 Olympic Games and the Hoover Damn was dedicated 81 years ago this month.

September 17: What’s Your Number One Financial Regret?

This week on The Focus Group Tim and John discuss whether the 4 P’s of Marketing are being replaced, or updated to, the 4 M’s. Our next President will be the highest paid Leader in the World, what does the WD mean in WD-40, and Happy Business Birthday to John W. Marriott. The show ends with what retirees site as their biggest financial regrets.

September 10: Tim and John Covering the Week in a very Focus Group way.

The business of selling feminine protection products in China, it’s TV Dinner Day as Swanson celebrates 63 years of selling the iconic meals, be careful of what you say in Canada, and an interactive world map that ranks manhood by country. (Put Congo on your holiday bucket list…if that sort of thing matters!) We’re all business. Except when we’re not.

September 3: Happy Labor Day and Back to School!

Summer is winding down, kids are headed back to class, and the Presidential election is off the rails. It’s been a hot summer and Dumpster Pools in Philadelphia Caught Tim’s eye. John wonders during Shop Talk what doing the laundry and shopping means regarding his role in his marriage. Finally, Tim and John share their “must have” items that they headed off to college with along with new music they discovered on campus. Enjoy some friend and family time this weekend. We’re all business. Except when we’re not.

August 27: Read a book and extend your life, or watch The Focus Group on REVRY!

Damian Pelliccione, CEO of REVRY, the new groundbreaking LGBTQ digital content streaming serverice for Apple TV, Chromecast, ROKU, and mobile devices joins Tim and John to talk about this exciting new media property. The Focus Group is proud to be part of REVRY and our shows will be available on REVRY soon. A study that says people who read books live longer Caught John’s eye. In Business Birthdays Tim extends wishes to Charles Dawes, VP under Coolidge, Nobel Prize recipient, and captain of finance…oh and he went to Tim’s alma mater…Marietta College.

August 20: Dog Days of Summer, Olympic Sex, and the Aging LGBT Population

Michael Adams, CEO of SAGE—Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders—joins The Focus Group to bring to the forefront some of the unique issues confronting the aging LGBT population. John considers being a volunteer and Tim harkens back to an old Seinfeld episode. Stay tuned. It’s National Lemonade Day! Support the Lemonade stands in your travels this summer. Jeff Stryker has a birthday and Shop Talk explores getting things done in August.

August 24: Tim and John Select their Top 5 Must Have Items from Trader Joe’s and ALDI

In this Focus Group Special, Tim and John share the top items that they specifically head for when shopping at Trader Joe’s and ALDI. While vastly different shopping experiences, the quality and price of the food and items can’t be beat. Did you know that the Albrecht Family trust of Germany controls both Trader Joe’s and ALDI? While they are run as separate units, you can sometimes recognize the same items just packaged differently.

August 13: Andrew Bolton, The Olympics and Racist Potato Chips

Andrew Bolton, VP of Brand Partnerships at Knotch, joins Tim and John to talk about life as a world class rower, the Rio Olympic Games, and starting his career during one of the worst recessions in US history. Texts not intended for Mom, but sent to her by accident, caught John’s eye while Tim discusses the latest dust-up about “racist” images on the new Lay’s international flavor chip bags.

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