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Garfield The Cat phones wash up on beach!

04.03.19 | Garfield phones have been washing up on a French beach for years, and now the mystery of where they came from has been solved. Poland Spring Water sued for false advertising, and Tim and John encourage you to boycott Brunei. J. Ernest Talley, the King of the rent-to-own industry, is the Business Birthday. Shop Talk explores whether direct eye contact is always good and why you should consider attention management instead of time management.

TFG Unbuttoned: Shark Tank is lucrative for the “Gronk” Brothers

04.02.19 | Former NFL player Chris Gronkowski pitched his product, the Ice Shaker, with the help of his other four professional athlete brothers on the popular show “Shark Tank.” Sales went from $80,000 to over $3 million after their appearance on the show. Who says network TV has lost its influence and cache? But first, Google finally pulls “conversation therapy” app amid pressure from LGBTQ groups as Brunei enacts Phase 2 and 3 of Sharia Law, which allows death by stoning for people proved gay. While we await our State Department to take a stand, Elton John and George Clooney have called for a boycott of Brunei’s Bel Air and Beverly Hills Hotels in the USA.

America’s happiest and saddest states

03.27.19 | Do you live in one of the happiest or saddest states in America? Some surprises but being content is a state of mind. But first, Tim and John are surprised about which city took the title of most gay in the USA, Nathaniel Currier is the business birthday, and Goldman Sachs wishes new young hires had better writing skills. Please like, subscribe, and rate us on your platforms of choice.

TFG Unbuttoned: The Mueller Report is in, and about as exciting as Al Capone’s safe

03.26.19 | The Mueller Report has arrived and sent the media into a frenzy. The headline for the 2020 Election will be “No Collusion,” which is what most American’s will take away from the report. Let’s just get out and vote as neither party will decamp from their political agenda. Then, hate crimes on the rise in Trump Rally locations, a Verizon worker gets punished for a good deed, and neighbor sets-up a naked mannequin party when asked to lower his fence.

Social media insights from Matt Skallerud of Pink Banana Media

03.20.19 | Matt Skallerud helps businesses navigate social media to reach LGBT consumers. It all starts with understanding the dialogue that is already happening. Lyft suspends two drivers for harassment, and a package from a listener in Texas arrives filled with Oreo products Tim and John have never seen before.

TFG Unbuttoned: Instagram loves these ‘old fat lesbians’ who smoke pot

03.19.19 | Maine residents Lee and Sue have been on Instagram for less than two weeks, but their @420oldfatlesbians account has already gone viral. They’re going semi-public because they’re tired of the stigmas on weed, lesbians, fat people, and old people. Brooklyn’s Club Langston has been a safe space for queer black men for nearly two decades. Its owner, Calvin Clark, is doggedly fighting to save it. And Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney recently signed into law a bill requiring that stores accept cash—effectively banning cashless stores.

Are Millennials killing canned tuna?

03.13.19 | A study points the blame at millennials for the demise of canned tuna—since they are already blamed for the downfall of bar soap and fabric softener. There’s an eye-opening chat with Garrett, one of the “Boys in the Booth”, about washing habits. A lot of fellowship is happening on cruise ships, China is tracking your chicken, and several Dr. Seuss books are labeled racist.

TFG Unbuttoned: Did Tim Gunn meet Vivian Vance or J. Edgar Hoover?

03.12.19 | Fashion Guru and Project Runway alum Tim Gunn, wonders if he met Vivian Vance of I Love Lucy/Ethel Mertz fame or FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover at his Dad’s FBI office. We love Tim Gunn. But first, Malaysia says there are no gays “in the village” and the country does not have to adhere to LGBTQ Western values. We can take that locale off our travel list. A Hipster sues for use of his image related to a MIT Tech study about counter culture people who end up looking alike in their desire to be different. He ends up validating the study.

What would you do if you found a lost Picasso?

03.06.19 | A man leaves a Picasso pottery piece on a train and it appears to be lost forever. Would you return it, and would you even know it was a Picasso? Caught My Eye explores long-term care via a hotel versus a nursing home and got Tim and John thinking: “No light bulbs to change, grass to cut, rooms to clean…and in many cases a free breakfast, pool, and happy hour!” Grace Slick outsmarts Chick-Fil-A, and the Founder of Build a Bear, Maxine Clark, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Martha Stewart has high hopes for a new business venture

03.05.19 | It was announced that Martha Stewart has teamed up with a Canadian cannabis producer, Canopy Growth, to develop hemp-derived CBD oil products for humans and pets. Did Snoop Dog have anything to do with this? But first, The American Family Association goes berserk over a gay couple featured in a video produced by Walmart, and a Mouseketeer has been missing for 7 months with no leads. Tim and John also weigh in on the demise of the Republican Party as they knew it.

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