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Germ Cannons, the Clark Bar returns, and LGBT news from around the country

09.12.18 | Farrah Fawcett’s son viciously beats a gay man in L.A., a couple is denied a marriage license in New York State, and other LGBT news items are covered in The Random Sample. Bathroom hand dryers are essentially ‘germ cannons,’ and the return of the Clark Bar caught our eye.

TFG Unbuttoned: Three stories that remind us it’s still all about communication

09.11.18 | A California restaurant doubles down on their “no unruly children” policy, a same-sex couple feels they were not handled properly in the early boarding phase of a recent flight, and a Houston art gallery uses humor to solve a parking issue with a church across the street.

Time for some Fall resolutions

09.05.18 | Why wait until the New Year? Make and keep some resolutions this Fall. A shop was caught sticking googly eyes on fish to ‘make them look fresh,’ and Star Wars action figures and premium scotch apparently don’t mix. Nike’s new campaign causes an uproar, French schools ban phones and tablets during the day, and ‘placebo buttons’ are everywhere.

TFG Unbuttoned: Trolling the neighbors with a rainbow-colored house

09.04.18 | A same sex couple paints their house in the colors of the rainbow to troll their homophobic neighbors, you might not regret claiming your social security at 62, and college students are rightly outraged over a $999 online textbook. However, the university does have a method to its pricing madness.

The PA Ice Cream Trail—12 dairies in two days, and our favorite flavors

08.29.18 | Tim and John hit the road in the VW Golf Alltrack wagon for two days on the PA Ice Cream Trail. The mission was simple: 12 dairies in two days, plus 12 stamps on our Pursue Your Scoops card for some swag—a t-shirt and an ice cream scoop. First, an unusual part of a whale is used for a custom beer, and Animal Crackers redesigns their box—the animals are out of their cages.

TFG Unbuttoned: What do you think of male cheerleaders in the NFL?

08.28.18 | White Models advertise black empowerment t-shirts, an Iranian LGBTQ asylum seeker in Austria was denied for not knowing the meaning of the colors on the pride flag, and some football fans are not thrilled with the NFL’s male cheerleaders.

Madonna at 60, and motivation might be misunderstood

08.22.18 | Madonna turned 60, and we pick some favorite songs from her decades long career. Motivation might not be what we think and celebrating a Business Birthday is Ezra Butler Eddy—he created a business empire manufacturing matches but lost it a few times to fire. Lunch lady sisters made off with $500K, and John “discovers” Charles Busch in Die Mommie Die, a must-see for clever camp movie fans.

TFG Unbuttoned: Your name can influence your job prospects, and “Hot Wheels” turns 50

08.21.18 | A company tells a woman via email that her ‘ghetto’ name Disqualified her from employment, and the company later claimed they were hacked. The traditional résumé and its importance might be on the way out, and “Hot Wheels” celebrates its 50th anniversary with an art book that explores the beloved toy brand’s past, present and future.

New Oreo taste test and loos with a view!

08.15.18 | Meghan Maury, Policy Director for the National LGBTQ Task Force, discusses the upcoming Supreme Court confirmation hearings, being counted on the next national census, religious exemptions laws at the state level, and possible impacts to the community. But first, Rocky Road Trip Oreos get sampled, a super cannabis market in Las Vegas, and France provides outdoor “loos with a view.”

TFG Unbuttoned: 5 brands that go beyond June & brace yourself Pumpkin Spice is coming

08.14.18 | A look at five brands that support LGBT causes all year—you may be surprised. Would you want free McDonald’s food for life like Buffet, Gates, and Romney? Then enter to win the McGold card. Pumpkin Spice is already starting to creep into stores and Hallmark is producing more Christmas movies than ever, and one fan has created a Hallmark Christmas Movie drinking game that is pure genius! Yes, it is still August!

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