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Raising HIV awareness through art with Visual AIDS

06.27.18 | Executive Director Esther McGowan and Board Chair Pat Owens talk about the scope and outreach of Visual AIDS, an organization committed to not only raising HIV awareness, but also preserving and honoring the work of artists with HIV/AIDS. But first, a thief returns to the scene of the crime, and a VW electric vehicle claims the title for the fastest drive up Pikes Peak.

TFG Unbuttoned: Canada provides relief from U.S. news fatigue by legalizing weed

06.26.18 | Canada becomes the second nation in the world to legalize marijuana (the first was Urugauy in 2013.) The White House canceled the annual bi-partisan picnic, and meet the mother who has held the same touching sign at every NYC Pride March.

Gossiping is good

06.20.18 | Matt Skallerud of Pink Banana Media returns with the #ILoveGay Influencer Spotlight, which looks at the Pride month marketing efforts of Proctor & Gamble and T-Mobile. A state trooper is applauded for ticketing a slow driver in the fast lane, and Country Time Lemonade sets up a legal aid fund to help young entrepreneurs fight penalties from city hall. Shop Talk looks at the benefits of gossiping.

TFG Unbuttoned: A “Fox & Friends” host is sued for hitting a man with an axe on live TV

06.19.18 | Fox host Pete Hegseth is being sued for hitting a man with an axe during a live segment just two blocks from Radio City Music Hall—a very busy part of NYC. A week before premiering Billy Zane’s new movie “Lucid,” the films director Adam Morse reveals he’s legally blind. And are the parents of a boy who knocked over a sculpture responsible for the $132K bill?

Happy Pride Programming continues with Equality Vodka

06.13.18 | Co-Founders and LGBT Allies, Doug Jacobson and Bert Gallagher, join the show to introduce us to this vodka with a purpose. This award winning, ultra-premium, vodka has a simple agenda—Equality for All, and 20% of sales are donated directly back to LGBT causes. But first, the story behind the Allstate Mayhem commercials, the sportiest NYC Pride Parade in history, and Trump the Ripper!

TFG Unbuttoned: Windowless planes, email mistakes and a Presidential flip flop on marijuana

06.12.18 | Tim Clark, the president of Emirates airlines, predicts that Passenger jets in the future will be lighter, more fuel-efficient and faster—partly because they won’t have windows. Four email mistakes that are easy to fix, and why the President might flip-flop on marijuana legalization.

Author Erin McHugh says it all gets better with age

06.06.18 | Fresh off her 30th book, Focus Group favorite Erin McHugh joins Tim Bennett and John T. Nash for a freewheeling chat. Cake decorators that need to have their work proofread, and Vermont offers a financial incentive for workers to relocate to the state caught our eye.

TFG Unbuttoned: Let then eat cake! A special report on the Masterpiece Cakeshop Supreme Court ruling

06.05.18 | We kick the show off with the recent SCOTUS ruling in favor of treats over rights. Staunchly anti-gay lawyer and Donald Trump appointee Kyle Duncan has been confirmed as a federal judge in New Orleans’s 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo—known for his anti-LGBT views—issued a supportive statement for Pride Month and even tweeted about it, and California bans travel to Oklahoma based on its recent ‘discriminatory’ LGBT adoption law.

Paul Hagen knows how you should spend your summer

05.30.18 | Metrosource Magazine Editor-in-Chief Paul Hagen returns with recommendations for summer movies, books, TV and theater. He puts the “pop” back in pop culture. A man in the UK who spent 23 years in the closet is now a male escort, and a California Republican who thinks it’s just fine to discriminate against LGBT home buyers caught our eye.

TFG Unbuttoned: The Boy Scout pledge of being “friendly and courteous” is put to the test by a homophobic store clerk

05.29.18 | Sephora is giving free makeup classes to trans and non-binary people, as part of the makeup chain’s Classes for Confidence series, which aims to help those experiencing major life transitions of all calibers. An Oregon principal has been ousted for making LGBTQ students read the Bible as punishment, and a hardware store worker tells a Boy Scout: ‘Get out! We don’t support homos! They allow homos now!’

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