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A penny saved is a habit more likely learned from Mom

12.02.20 | A couple in New York State find a stash of booze hidden in their home, and Sherwin Williams fires an employee for thinking outside the box. Shop Talk looks at traits of spenders versus savers. Much of our familial upbringing plays a key role. Gianni Versace, fashion designer and marketer, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Marching Band, Monkeys, and Lesbians

12.01.20 | The Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps (LGBAC), one of the first all-queer band groups ever in the country, became the first LGBTQ marching band to partake in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. They played Abba’s Dancing Queen. PETA asks us to boycott coconut milk from companies using monkeys to harvest the crop. Finally, married lesbian couples are more likely to divorce than gay married men.

Roomba Fail

11.25.20 | A Roomba robot vacuum versus dog poop caught Tim’s eye. As John said, unintended consequences! A Seattle man is brought back to life after being unconscious for 45 minutes due to hypothermia. Shop Talk looks at the most beautiful words in English according to Word Genius. Tim and John have the same favorite word from this list. Andrew Carnegie of US Steel fame is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Tower Records Redux

11.24.20 | The Giant supermarket chain apologizes for an article in their Savory store magazine that helps consumers plan a “Super Spread” event along with nibbles for up to 32! Then, Tower Records is getting a new life online. Much about the Tower Records experience revolved around the in-store, so we’re skeptical. Finally, Durex wants us to be OK with the word “moist.”

Bundle Up

11.18.20 | Chalk art creates havoc in a neighborhood and John Waters donates his art collection to the Baltimore Museum of Art. The museum in turn will rename the bathrooms “The John Water’s Restrooms.” Shop Talk explores the reckoning that cable TV is confronting from streaming services. Rose Knox of Knox Gelatin fame is our Business Birthday. You can thank Rose for the five-day work week and paid vacation. She also allowed men and women to use the same door!

TFG Unbuttoned: Trim the hedge to make the house look bigger

11.17.20 | Ritz Crackers launches a new holiday campaign that reminds us, “Where There’s Love, There’s Family.” The spot features a few vignettes including an LGBTQ scenario. While we applaud Ritz, we question who sees these longer-form spots that do not appear in mainstream media such as cable or network TV. Then, an American is jailed in Thailand for his review of a hotel on Trip Advisor and Manscaped takes over Penn Station. Remember to keep yourself neat and tidy.

Answer in the form of a question

11.11.20 | Can anyone fill Alex Trebek‘s shoes? A fortune in Star Wars Dolls and the KFC Firelog caught our eye this week. Marge Margulies checks-in with some of her great pottery pieces and gift ideas as the holidays approach. Shop Talk looks at Netflix and their new linear service, and how do rail systems deal with lost Air Pods? John T. Dorrance of Campbell Soup fame is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Decorate Early

11.10.20 | Pope Francis continues to be the PR Master as the Vatican has to walk back his alleged support of same-sex marriage. The Vatican released the following statement: “The Catholic Church teaches that gay people must be treated with dignity and respect but that homosexual acts are ‘intrinsically disordered.’” People who decorate early for the holidays are happier, and we need to stop saying this one word in business.

Every Vote Counts

11.04.20 | The Focus Group breaks form and reports on the Presidential Election. Tim and John provide their thoughts on what transpired on Tuesday as the world awaits the results as to who will lead the free world. Then, Noel Caster, who worked for Trump on The Apprentice for six seasons dishes some dirt. As John noted, if even 10% of it is true, it’s shocking. Support our sponsors Deep Discount and Fiverr.

TFG Unbuttoned: Go Vote

11.03.20 | Today is Election Day, make your voice heard and please vote. Uber Eats is the target of a boycott due to using a Queer Eye actor for advertising. Pick up a bottle of Jägermeister and support The Lesbian Bar Project. The brand is working with Fractured Atlas to help raise awareness and money for the 15 remaining lesbian bars in the USA. Finally, same-sex couples are rushing to the altar with the appointment of Justice Barrett.

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