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Time is a thief

09.29.21 | Shop Talk discusses Oliver Burkeman’s new book, “Four Thousand Weeks.” That’s about the average number of weeks in a lifetime, and a good lens to look at time management through. Caught My Eye looks at the antics that may or may not take place on private jets and a marble gravestone is returned to Michigan cemetery. The marble slab was used for the last 100 years or so to make fudge in the home of a woman who recently was moved to a nursing home. Two Business Birthdays this week: Our very own John T. Nash celebrates his birthday Thursday the 30th along with Laszlo Biro, who was born on September 29th in 1899. Biro made millions having invented the ballpoint pen and selling the patent to Marcel Bich and collecting royalties. BIC has sold over 100 billion pens worldwide.

TFG Unbuttoned: Buy low, sell high

09.28.21 | Finance savvy TikTokers find success mimicking the stock buys from members of Congress. Many believe politicians may be in the know, but a recent study says that they are just as unlucky as the rest of us picking stock winners at times. Then, an ad agency in NC creates a vaccination campaign around a non-existent funeral home in order to encourage people to get the shot. Finally, Elvira, Cassandra Peterson, comes out and dishes the dirt in her memoir “Yours Cruelly, Elvira: Memoirs of the Mistress of the Dark.”

Last call for alcohol

09.22.21 | Shop Talk looks at long term care options that some of us may face in our retirement years. Caught My Eye relays that several states are starting to see shortages of certain alcohol brands. If you like champagne, cognac, tequila, or bourbon—stock up now! The world’s first stewardess, and America’s first flight attendant, Ellen Church is our Business Birthday. Born on September 22 she was a trained nurse and started the “Sky Girl” profession. Thanks to Deep Discount and Criterion for providing discs to give away for ‘Pick That Flick’ as we celebrate the Criterion Collection Sale.

TFG Unbuttoned: The Game of Life

09.21.21 | Venerable Sears continues its decline with the closing of the last large format store in their home state of Illinois. Sadly, what was once America’s largest employer is down to fewer than 300 stores. Reuben Klamer died last week at 99. He created the number two selling board game of all time: Life. Finally, a new report shows that at least half of LGBTQ employees say they have experienced some sort of workplace discrimination over the past year. It is the Criterion Collection Sale, so play ‘Pick That Flick’ in the show today for a chance to win a Criterion Collection disc.

Thank Max for your closeup

09.15.21 | Shop Talk covers an article that predicts the changing nature of business travel. Better tech, efficiencies with staying put, and helping with carbon emissions mean many Fortune 500 CEOs are rethinking the role travel plays. Caught My Eye takes John and Bob to visit listener Billy at a small plane meet-up. John now wants flying lessons and got a cool Nash auto hood ornament from Billy. China is concerned about the influence of Japanese and South Korean K-Pop, so they have banned “sissy men” from public TV. Max Factor, born September 15th, and the founder of Max Factor Cosmetics is our Business Birthday. Factor is responsible for creating the make-up industry beyond just the theater set.

TFG Unbuttoned: Mama Mia

09.14.21 | The Taliban inherited billions of dollars’ worth of NATO and American military hardware including planes and Humvees. The Pentagon made sure most of it can never fly or be used again. Then, more states are starting to employ a zipper merge approach for highway lane closures. So, the next time a sign says, “lane closed ahead,” stay in it and turn at the last minute. Research says this is best—despite the dirty looks and gestures you may get! Finally, ABBA returns with new music this November after a 40-year break.

How to redefine yourself after job loss

09.08.21 | Shop Talk looks at regaining your identity after a hard job loss according to an article from Fast Company. Caught My Eye covers a promotion between Oscar Meyer’s Wienermobile and LYFT—would you ride that big meat around town? Also, an exhibit that celebrates the rescue dogs from 911 as we come upon the 20-year anniversary of that horrible day. Charles Barnes, born September 8th, and the founder of Barnes & Noble is our Business Birthday. Thanks to Deep Discount and Criterion for providing discs to give away for Pick That Flick as we celebrate the Criterion Collection Sale.

TFG Unbuttoned: Click, Click, Flash, Grab

09.07.21 | Famed fashion photog Bruce Weber settles lawsuits with male models who were allegedly “Brucified.” Ford Motor Company in Germany takes a consumer’s gay comment about a color and gives the vehicles the Rainbow Treatment. Finally, a recently married Chicago couple has sent invoices to people who RSVP’d to their destination wedding and did not show. Thanks to Critics’ Choice Video it is the Criterion Collection Sale. Play Pick That Flick in the show for a chance to win a Criterion Collection disc.

Monkey Love

09.01.21 | Shop Talk covers two stories this week. Apple’s Tim Cook is an early riser because he feels he can unplug and get more done in the morning uninterrupted before his day gets blown off-track. Then, while we concentrate on financial needs in retirement, we often overlook the importance of true social needs as we age. Surrounding ourselves with a network of friends we can rely on is as important as finances according to Forbes. Caught My Eye remembers Actor Ed Asner and a Belgian woman who is banned from a Zoo for bonding with Chita the chimp. Alfred Beach, born September 1st, is our Business Birthday. Beach published “Scientific American,” patented a typewriter for the blind, and designed NYC’s first subway.

TFG Unbuttoned: Obama, Nirvana, and Vinegar

08.31.21 | Former President Obama gets pushback from a local Chicago neighborhood group for wanting to build his $700 million Presidential Library in Jackson Park. They claim it will clear over 800 trees and disturb birds and create dust and noise. Spencer Elden, the nude toddler on the cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” album is seeking millions in damages claiming the picture of him was equivalent to child pornography. Finally, the newest fad for enlarging your penis is putting apple cider vinegar on it. Just don’t.

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