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TFG Unbuttoned: Corn Pops are dead

03.15.22 | Queen Elizabeth left Buckingham Palace and will likely never sleep there again. She is staying put and working remotely about 20 miles west in Windsor. Kellogg’s Corn Pops have joined the list of brands that have left us. It might be the price of corn or the embalming fluid. You decide, but apparently $74 million in profit was not enough for some large holding companies. (We would not leave that on the table.) Finally, Disney is coming under fire for not being more vocal regarding the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation recently passed in Florida and expected to become law this July.

Invisible Work

03.09.22 | Shop Talk explores the importance of “invisible work” and the concept of getting out from behind the desk. Caught My Eye covers a story about stolen human heads in Denver and a caffeine overdose death in England. Jimmy Haslam, leader of the Pilot Corp that runs the Flying J Truckstop chain is our Business Birthday. He celebrates 68 today, March 9th.

TFG Unbuttoned: Blue Monday

03.08.22 | Don’t pour out your Stoli Vodka in protest of Putin! Stolichnaya left Russia in the early 2000’s and is made in Latvia under Dutch ownership. Owner Yuri Shefler left Russia in 2000 and took Stoli with him due to Putin and his views, and has now decided to drop the name Stolichnaya and has rebranded the vodka as Stoli. Cheers! Then many are calling for a boycott of Coke and other companies such as McDonald’s and Pepsi for not cutting ties with Russia. Finally, that twist tie or plastic tag on your bread or rolls, can tell you how fresh your loaf is. Each day has a different color, and a smart consumer will know what color tag they should buy that day to get the freshest product.

The Little Prince key to success

03.02.22 | Shop talk introduces a man who attributes his business success to the children’s book, “The Little Prince.” Caught My Eye covers a story about how our brains may give us a “best of life memories” when we die. Also, the HRC releases the Reality Flag, and we like it. Desi Arnaz, co-founder of Desilu Productions and the driving force behind I Love Lucy, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Don Lemon’s Day in Court

03.01.22 | The CNN out and proud evening anchor has been accused of assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The defendant, Dustin Hice, claims Lemon fondled his genitals and then put his finger under Hice’s nose and made a derogatory comment. Hice is traumatized, yet he apparently has done the exact same thing to a kid in high school and Lemon is calling him as a witness against Hice. The jury trial is scheduled for June. Also, the Supreme Court will take up religious freedom versus free speech and a gay man must tell Mom that Grindr is not used for ordering grinders, subs, or hoagies.

Key Lime Ice Cream and Frozen Unit

02.23.22 | Shop Talk revisits John and Bob’s trip to coastal Delaware where we talk about ice cream and Delaware black license plates. Daymond John is 53 today and he is our Business Birthday. Daymond is the founder of FUBU and one of the stars of Shark Tank. Caught My Eye explores a new museum about the vagina outside of London and an Olympian with Polar Penis.

TFG Unbuttoned: China Un-Friends Friends

02.22.22 | In ten years the USA LGBTQ population has doubled according to a new Gallup/NBC Poll. 7.1 percent of the USA population now identifies as LGBTQ with Gen Z—those 18-25—having 21% of their cohort identifying as such. It really is about people being more comfortable in living their authentic selves. Then, the Chinese government has censored lesbian and other story lines deemed unfit for Chinese viewing. Many fans of the show in China are not happy and question why streaming services are even showing it if censors are going to be so heavy handed. Finally, a 3rd person has been cured of HIV. While the treatment is not ready for primetime, it is a step in the right direction to eradicate HIV AIDS.

Shark Advice on Hiring

02.16.22 | Shop Talk reveals a hiring method that Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary uses in his hiring decisions. While we agree with the overall premise, the hiring landscape has become so automated in the front-end that his tactic, while in theory sounds nice, is not realistic. Caught My Eye acknowledges the death of visual effects superstar, Douglas Trumbull. Also, Mazda vehicles in the Seattle area are experiencing radio trouble with the channel stuck on NPR. No fix in the near term, nor reason for the glitch. Richard McDonald, co-founder of McDonald’s with his brother Maurice, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: GOP Swinger running for Governor

02.15.22 | The resistance to Canada’s Trucker protest is using a Porno-Metal song about Gay Cowboys to disrupt communication. The raunchy song, Ram Ranch, has caused quite a stir and is having an effect. Then, forgetting things is found to be a normal brain function. Studies show that our brain selects what information we will easily remember and what things can be filed away or forgotten. Bottomline, don’t be upset and falsely diagnose yourself when you forget certain events or names. Your brain is most likely fine. Finally, Sandy, OR Mayor Stan Pulliam is slated to run for Governor of Oregon. It was recently discovered that he and his wife were part of a swinger’s group in Portland. Stan tells us this is normal, it was in his past, and most importantly he is heterosexual. Stay tuned.

30 seconds for $6.5 million

02.09.22 | Shop Talk invites LGBTQ Advertising Expert Mike Wilke to the program to discuss this week’s Big Game. Mike is the founder of AdRespect.org and continues to consult with Fortune 500 companies in their DEI marketing efforts. Lydia Pinkham is our Business Birthday. She is the inventor of a uterine sedative that you can still purchase today at your local pharmacy! (Can you say, VitaMeataVegamin?) Caught My Eye profiles a young author from Idaho and the joys of magnet fishing in Florida.

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