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DC Heats Up as Fall Cools

09.23.20 | DC is heating up with the death of RBG. Check out our Tuesday broadcast of #TFGUnbuttoned to hear our POV. Find all of our media at focusgroupradio.com. Flights to nowhere, and sometimes a heart is just a heart Caught Our Eye this week. Sue Ling Gin, the founder of airline caterer The Flying Food Group, is our Business Birthday this week. Shop Talk highlights a perfectly executed marketing campaign from Patagonia which has already garnered loyalty from the consumer.

TFG Unbuttoned: RIP RBG

09.22.20 | A surprising 45% of gay men support Trump for President in 2020 according to a recent poll done by Hornet. Wow. Then, Canadian LGBTQ people experience the same type of discrimination and assault as their counterparts in the USA—despite the notion that Canada is further ahead of us when it comes to LGBTQ rights. Finally, a woman in New Hampshire was told she could not vote if she wore an anti-Trump t-shirt in the polling place. So, she took it off, had no bra on, and went topless to vote!

Get a better night’s sleep

09.16.20 | Shop Talk looks at a recent study that suggest doing this one thing at night will help you sleep better and has other surprising benefits. But first, an upstate NY Star Trek exhibit and stealing sand Caught Our Eye. Jacob Schick, the pioneer of the electric razor, is our #BusinessBirthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: No Peeps for you!

09.15.20 | For the first time since 1958, Peeps will not be on the shelves this Halloween. The company also will forego Christmas and Valentine’s Day as it prepares for Easter 2021—something seems off about this to us. But first, most people have depleted their emergency funds during the pandemic and a Finnish Burger King franchise celebrates Pride by releasing a Love Conquers All Campaign that features the Burger King mascot kissing Ronald McDonald. Funny? Creepy?

Finger Lickin’ Good

09.09.20 | Colonel Harland David Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame is our Business Birthday. The Colonel allegedly was too much man for one woman. Caught My Eye looks at ghost ship tours off the coast of England and canned meat that was mistaken for male genitalia. Shop Talk looks at 3 business stories involving that new car smell, dinosaurs, and Christmas music.

TFG Unbuttoned: The year of the Glory Hole

09.08.20 | While we are all trying to figure out 2020, a new old word, acedia, is useful for how many of us are feeling. Then, Delta Airlines meets and exceeds what consumers can expect when adding flying back into their life. Finally, the glory hole is gaining popularity as people want to avoid face to face contact. Who knew that there are apps and websites directing people to local glory holes when fellowship is needed?

The ideal retirement age

09.02.20 | Shop Talk looks at a recent study that points to the surprising ideal retirement age—we think you’ll be surprised too. But first, Guy Laliberté co-founder of Cirque du Soleil is our Business Birthday. Cartier stumbles in China with an advertisement thought to be gay friendly and a young girl wakes up at the morgue. Play along with John says, “Pick That Flick” for a chance to win a Blu-Ray copy of “The Times of Harvey Milk” from our friends at Criterion and Deep Discount.

TFG Unbuttoned: The Falwell slow drip sex scandal

09.01.20 | Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife, Becki, continue to make headlines as more young men come forward with tales of sex and hush money. Stay tuned as we predict Jerry may have done more than watch. Then, a Texas teacher is reinstated after she was put on leave for teaching tolerance. Finally, a pro-Trump small business, that was granted PPP monies, apparently had enough money to buy six Trump for Prez billboards in the Arizona/California border. If they had enough money for billboards, valued up to 120K, did they need the PPP loan?

Less is More

08.26.20 | Shop Talk looks at a recent article in Forbes Magazine regarding a one-word email from leader Tim Cook. But first, a herd of elephants overindulge, and a man lies about cancer ailments in order to keep his wife from leaving. Katherine Johnson of NASA fame is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Randy Rainbow on the Hot Seat

08.25.20 | Political satirist, and former budding comedian Randy Rainbow responds to newly surfaced racist, trans-phobic, and anti-Semitic Tweets. Should public figures be held accountable for language or posts from 10 or more years ago? Then, The Toilet Project in Tokyo, and we have been greeting man’s best friend the wrong way?

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