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TFG Unbuttoned: A horned cyclops lesbian cop

02.25.20 | Disney’s new Pixar movie, Onward, features an LGBTQ character that was described as a horned cyclops lesbian cop. The Twitter-sphere has a lot to say of course. A woman brings her service horse on a flight and an African American owned bank, OneUnited, is criticized unfairly about putting an image of Harriet Tubman on their debit cards in honor of Black History Month.

Hidden finds at your local library

02.19.20 | Libraries get creative by offering some nontraditional items to borrow, and listener Christopher sends in some Paul Lynde memorabilia. The inventor of the windshield wiper, Mary Anderson, is our business birthday. Our guest is Gary Saperstein from #OutInTheVineyard. Gary announces several exciting additions to the popular Gay Wine Weekend this July in Sonoma.

TFG Unbuttoned: And you thought you had a bad date

02.18.20 | A woman goes on a first date with a man she met via an app and ended up being a getaway driver in a bank heist. Then, Connecticut is the latest state grappling with laws regarding trans athletes and eligibility to compete. Unilever stops advertising ice cream for kids due to obesity concerns.

Personality traits of entrepreneurs

02.12.20 | Can you rescind a job offer if a poor reference comes in late? Do you have the 7 traits of an entrepreneur? Find out on this week’s Shop Talk. But first, ride with Lance Armstrong for a hefty fee, and West Virginia is encouraging Virginia counties to secede to WV now that Democrats have control in the statehouse. VEXIT! Sam Blanc, founder of Roto-Rooter, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Virginia to offer non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people

02.11.20 | Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is set to sign the Virginia Values Act, a sweeping LGBTQ anti-discrimination law that adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s pre-existing civil rights protections, banning discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. Elections matter. Please vote! Also, a British Airways 747 breaks the subsonic trans-Atlantic speed record, and an Uber driver does the wrong thing, and Trumpers add to the Iowa Caucus mess by jamming phone lines.

Men schmoozing men leads to promotion

02.05.20 | Shop Talk this week looks at a Harvard research study that confirms men who schmooze men in the workplace are more likely to get promoted. But first, we quarterback the Super Bowl ads and conclude that digital media has ruined the fun of tuning in to the live broadcast. Ever wonder how Ruth’s Chris Steak House got its name? Learn the origin during our Business Birthday honoring Ruth Fertel.

TFG Unbuttoned: Brown eggs versus white eggs

02.04.20 | For as long as we can remember there has been discussion about whether one color egg taste better or is better for you. Studies show an egg is an egg with negligible difference between white versus brown. But first, a small town in New York State rallies around a harassed trans neighbor who received threatening letters from a group of bigots who also killed her cat. Then, 23 and Me has layoffs as fewer people are buying the DNA test kits.

All you have to do is ask

01.29.20 | Business Professor and author Dr. Wayne Baker, from the University of Michigan, is our guest. His latest book, All You have to do is Ask…How to master the most important skill for success, proves that asking for help in business or personal life can lead to success. But first, the father of the laser printer dies, and U-Haul won’t hire smokers anymore.

TFG Unbuttoned: Gritty assaults young fan…allegedly

01.28.20 | In a game of he said, Gritty said, The Philadelphia Flyers googly-eyed Cousin It looking orange mascot is accused of assaulting a 13-year-old fan after said fan was tapping on Gritty’s head. Lots of accusations and no proof. But first, The HRC 2020 Corporate Equality Index is released and Harry Hamlin claims his role as a gay man in the 1982 motion picture “Making Love” excluded him from working on pictures ever again. We agree with Hamlin that the movie was way before its time and Hollywood still has a level of homophobia.

One trait can lead to success

01.22.20 | The Space Force has a camo uniform, we tend to be most miserable at 47.2 years of age, and Sam Popeil of Veg-O-Matic fame has a Business Birthday. Shop Talk looks at one trait that tends to be an indicator of success, and we welcome FIVERR as a new sponsor.

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