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R2D2 Missing

07.06.22 | Shop Talk looks at the art of small talk and provides a few starter questions. Caught my eye goes behind the scenes of the famous gay anthem, ‘It’s Raining Men.’ Also, a job applicant stole R2D2 out from under the eyes of Disney security in the hopes they would hire him—for a security job! Media and real estate mogul, Merv Griffin, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Save when you can

07.05.22 | LBGTQ people are less prepared financially in retirement when compared with the general population. There are several anecdotal factors, but the good news is that you can still save at any age for the future. Then, an Alaska Day Care serves floor sealant instead of milk to the children. How does this happen? Finally, find out if you live in a dog state or cat state. A new study breaks out the USA into dog or cat states which is a nice change to the red or blue maps we so often see.

Vacation time is important for all

06.29.22 | Shop Talk encourages everyone to take their vacation and paid time off each year. Price Waterhouse is even giving bonuses to employees that vacation for 40 hours. Caught My Eye looks at the Kraft company’s rebrand of Mac & Cheese. Also, a family has a unique tombstone for an easily riled relative that the town wants removed. Feras Antoon, the largest purveyor of porn, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: When someone tells you who they are, believe them

06.28.22 | Saudi Arabia is rounding up rainbow themed toys and clothing in its latest anti-LGBTQ purge. Is this one of the Sh*thole countries TFG talked about? Then, PA Senate Candidate and lukewarm Republican, Dr. Oz is lost. When filling out his official papers to file for the November election, he listed his residence as a town that does not exist. Finally, Elon Musk does his own purge of what may appear to be “woke” and LGBTQ affiliated employees.

History repeats itself

06.22.22 | Shop Talk explores three cool nonbinary people from history that challenged social norms. Caught My Eye covers a story about a California gas station manager that inadvertently priced gas last week at .69¢. Also, So Gay Rosé wine is launched. William Scholl, pioneer of footcare and founder of Dr. Scholl’s is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: The Lavender Scare

06.21.22 | Three members of Congress are putting legislation forward to apologize to LGBTQ Government employees that were purged during the Lavender Scare starting in 1947 and carried out for several years. The Lavender Offense Victim Exoneration (LOVE) Act stands little chance in making it through the gridlocked Senate. Also, a student in Louisiana sets up a Little Queer Library to offer LGBTQ book titles that have been banned in her community. Finally, the Catholic Vote org is suggesting to its followers to steal, or check-out LGBTQ titles at their libraries, so that no one will have access to them. Very Christian of them.

Prop bottles and potato rolls

05.15.22 | Shop Talk looks at how corporations are increasingly challenged for being LGBTQ allies. Caught My Eye highlights the call for a boycott of Martin’s Potato Rolls due to the support of a January 6th Capitol tourist and now Pennsylvania Republican Gubernatorial candidate. Also, a group of Houston criminals steal an expensive $4,200 bottle of liquor and a box of the same. The box was empty, and the bottle was a decoy. Bob Wian, the founder of Bob’s Big Boy and the double decker hamburger, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: It’s not over

06.14.22 | 31 White Supremacists from The Patriot Front are arrested in Idaho before they could disrupt a Coeur d’Alene Pride Celebration. Thankfully a citizen alerted police that they saw what looked like a “little army” loading into U-Haul trucks. Then, Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s says he wished he never named the burger chain after his daughter. He apologized to her on his deathbed and said that it was too much pressure on her and stole her privacy. Finally, delivery app Postmates, has teamed up with restaurants in New York City and Los Angeles to offer bottom-friendly meals.

The Best Water

06.08.22 | Shop Talk looks at several companies that say they are LGBTQ friendly yet donate to anti-gay politicians and PACS. We learn that John grew up with the best drinking water anywhere, according to Mom. Caught My Eye introduces us to the PRIDE Whopper. Also, former guest and comedian, Rich Kiamco, will be featured on “Our America: Who I Was Meant to Be.” The Fixer or Spin Master, PR Guru Michael Sitrick is our Business Birthday. Happy 75th on June 8th Michael.

TFG Unbuttoned: Questions surround Nancy Reagan stamp June launch

06.07.22 | The LGBTQ+ community and allies are up in arms after the White House kicked off Pride Month by announcing a new postal stamp honoring former first lady Nancy Reagan. The Reagan Administration showed no leadership during the AIDS crisis and the optics of honoring the former first lady during PRIDE is just not smart. The NFL and New England claps back at social media trolls that mocked the Rainbow flag and other PRIDE recognition. Finally, the UK launches a 50p coin in honor of PRIDE.

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