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TFG Unbuttoned: Ditch the switch? Call to go on permanent daylight-saving time grows

09.03.19 | So far this year, at least 36 states have introduced legislation to end or study the practice of springing ahead and falling back. Most endorse permanent daylight-saving time—which would result in an extra hour of evening sunlight for more of the year in exchange for a delayed sunrise in the winter. Then a Kentucky company refuses to print a gay pride t-shirt, and American’s underwear habits comes as a surprise to Tim and John.

Rents exposed in America’s top 25 cities

08.28.19 | Does your salary afford you a comfortable 2-bedroom apartment in these 25 US Cities? Luke Sky Walker gets arrested and the search is on for a same-sex couple who married in 1957. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg has a birthday, and Lumin Skincare has a great offer for our audience.

TFG Unbuttoned: Lesbian astronaut may have committed Earth’s first ‘space crime’

08.27.19 | Anne McClain has been accused of committing the first-ever recorded space crime after she allegedly accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse, Summer Worden, from the International Space Station. But first, the HRC and ACLU are among a growing list of LGBTQ civil rights groups that are calling for GLAAD to put the brakes on an Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. This comes as the Trump administration believes companies have the right to fire employees for being LGBTQ.

GLAAD has a mission reboot

08.21.19 | LGBTQ media watchdog GLAAD tries to find relevance with a focus on a Constitutional Amendment. Do they know how hard a climb they have ahead of them? Billy The Big Mouth Bass and successful parenting tips caught our eye, and 80′s icon Jeff Stryker has a birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Faye Dunaway lives up to her reputation

08.20.19 | Diva, Faye Dunaway, is hit by a lawsuit for calling an assistant her “little homosexual boy.” The alleged incident happened while preparing for “Tea at Five,” a show she was let go from just before opening. Is Donald Trump serious about buying Greenland or is it a deflection? Finally, an openly gay Lyft passenger assumes his driver is a Redneck Trumper—but gets a pleasant surprise.

What does a reusable tote say about you?

08.14.19 | Tire pressure lights, reusable totes, and an excited posing doll is just the beginning. Robert Eckert of Mattel has a Business Birthday, and Berlin looks at drive thru booths for sex workers. Just another day on The Focus Group.

TFG Unbuttoned: Ellen Degeneres, Alabama Methodists’, and the demise of hotel minis

08.13.19 | Ellen Degeneres is being sued by a street artist for copyright infringement, and he has a good case. (Tim and John think they will settle out of court.) Alabama Methodist Church congregants apologize for their shunning of LGBTQ people, and major hotel chains are moving away from single use shampoo and lotion bottles. Many shelters say they are going to be a casualty of the demise of the mini toiletries.

The phone has made the world your office

08.07.19 | An Arkansas mom buys all the children’s shoes from a closing Payless Shoe Store and donates them just in time for back to school. Tim cannot get through paywalls for newspapers, and John never used an outside “drive-up” pay phone. Jenny Craig is our Business Birthday. Of course, we mourn the senseless loss of life over the weekend in El Paso and Dayton. Vote people, Vote!

TFG Unbuttoned: Drag Queen story hour has the right foaming at the mouth

08.06.19  | One Million Moms—a group with 93,000 members—is upset that Whole Foods Markets has sponsored Drag Queen Story Hour in their stores. (Shouldn’t they be on the lookout for bad food or something?) Tim and John discuss the horrific shootings in El Paso and Dayton, and the response from elected leaders.

What is a maintenance hole?

07.31.19 | More than 200 major U.S. corporations signed an amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court arguing that excluding sexual orientation and gender identity from federal civil rights law “would undermine the nation’s business interests.” Berkeley, CA eliminates the term ‘manhole’ in a push to remove gendered language, and the mystery of an ‘untouched’ In-N-Out burger found lying on a Queens street caught our eye.

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