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TFG Unbuttoned: Name That Tune

11.23.21 | Dave Frishberg of “Schoolhouse Rock” fame died this past week at 88. What a mark he made on American culture. Then, a restaurant in England denies a gay autistic man entry due to his leopard print pants. Apparently, they did not adhere to the restaurant’s “smart casual” dress code. Finally, a Florida homeowner is threatened with a $1,000 fine for putting up his Holiday decorations too early. The homeowner’s association wants him to take them down despite his offer not to turn them on until after Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday RuPaul

11.17.21 | Our Business Birthday this week celebrates drag’s most famous Queen, RuPaul Andrew Charles. Happy 61st RuPaul! Caught My Eye explores the increased demand for home generators now that many have turned their homes into their own little office park. Also, John receives a direct mail piece that entices him to give until he discovers his name was misspelled—rendering his mailing return labels useless. Finally, Shop Talk looks at unique social and economic concerns facing LGBTQ Generation Z.

TFG Unbuttoned: Navy names Oiler for LGBTQ Icon Harvey Milk

11.16.21 | Navy Vet, and LGBTQ Icon, Harvey Milk was honored by the US Navy with a ship named in his honor. Milk was one of four civil rights leaders given such an honor as part of a fleet of newly commissioned naval supply ships. But first, Prince Charles made Sir Elton John a member of the Order of the Companions of Honour, a special award granted to those who have made a major contribution to the arts, science, medicine, or government over a long period of time. Then, Hertz had a glitch in their system which resulted in over 150 people being arrested and or accused of stealing their rental vehicles—despite having valid rental contracts. In some cases, people were held in jail for a few months.

Think Outside the Box

11.10.21 | Shop Talk looks at the origins of some popular business idioms. Caught My Eye explores the new phenomena of job seekers who ghost employers after accepting employment. The tables have turned as employers are getting a taste of their bad behavior in the treatment of applicants. Also, three Class Action Lawsuits have been filed against Kellogg’s for lack of strawberries in Strawberry Pop Tart products. Our Business Birthday is Jeremy Stoppelman, born November 10th and he is 44 today. The co-founder of YELP, he is a voracious reader of non-fiction and worth about $243 million.

Harvard must be proud

11.09.21 | Perennially confused, and Harvard educated Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, thinks that people who don’t have kids should not be teachers. He attacked 35-year educator Randi Weingarten, who is lesbian and, the President of the American Teacher Federation. On a happier note, the majority of the Salt Lake City council will be LGBTQ after last week’s election results. Red state Mormon Utah has come a long way. Finally, in honor of National Brush Day, Tropicana Orange Juice launched a marketing stunt around orange flavored toothpaste and conducted a poll about other things that don’t go well together. Brushing your teeth right after a glass of OJ of course came in first.

Bad Behavior Abounds

11.03.21 | Shop Talk looks at the Worst Colleges for LGBTQ Students. All 180 schools on the list are religiously affiliated. Caught My Eye highlights the founder of SPANX, who is awarding all employees with a trip and cash bonus—where would you go? Tim and John share their destinations. Also, a Thai woman cuts the rope of a crew trying to fix her building 30 stories up. Finally, school boards continue to unwind with parents behaving badly. Our Business Birthday is Harrison McCain, born November 3, 1927. Harrison and his brothers founded the world’s largest providers of frozen French fries and potato products. Harrison died at 76 in 2004 of liver disease.

TFG Unbuttoned: Hooters, Poland, and an Escort

11.02.21 | The hot wings chain Hooters is getting pushback from some of its servers for their newer, shorter, more revealing uniforms. Then, Poland conservatives introduce new legislation to the lower house of government that would essentially ban all things LGBTQ in the country. Finally, a London doctor is fined for posting a fake gay escort ad for a builder who did not finish his fence. The doctor could lose his license to practice along with the fine and is blaming stress from COVID for his behavior.

The Focus Group goes to New York Comic Con

10.27.21 | Tim and John go to their first New York Comic Con! Thank you to Scott Seitz and SPI Marketing’s Queer and Ally lounge for hosting us. We spoke with comic book artists and writers Isaac Goodhart and Dan Parent about their careers and LGBT inclusion in the industry. We also caught up with drag queens Jackie Cox, Tammie Brown, and Yuhua Hamasaki.

TFG Unbuttoned: Comic Con special and two sci-fi reads

10.26.21 | The Focus Group was at Comic Con New York this year. Stay tuned for a Halloween special podcast featuring comic book artists and writers Issac Goodheart and Dan Parent, along with Drag Race stars Jackie Cox, Tamie Brown, and Yuhua Hamasaki. John recommends some new sci-fi books, Klara and the Sun and When the Sparrow Falls.

Apple must-have accessory

10.20.21 | Shop Talk covers two stories this week. The first one looks at the large number of American workers that are leaving jobs in search of more money and meaning—or both. Then we disclose the five most and least expensive states in which to conduct business in the USA. Caught My Eye exposes brands that destroy returned items to prevent resale versus fixing and reselling, and Apple is hawking a $19 Polishing Cloth to clean your iPhone or other gadgets. What is it P.T. Barnum said? Our Business Birthday is Jonathan I. Schwartz, born October 20th, the former CEO of Sun Micro Systems, who quit with a haiku, and is now the founder of health care service Care Zone.

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