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TFG Unbuttoned: Ban the Bible

02.08.22 | Former HRC President Alphonso David has sued the HRC for racial discrimination after his earlier termination from the organization for his assisting NY State Governor Cuomo with his sexual misconduct allegations. As more book bans take hold, MAGA supporters were told the story of Lot from Genesis 19—who had sex with his daughters—and agreed the book should not be available to children. Imagine their surprise when they learned the story came from the Bible. Also, The Bengals are #1 when it comes to positive mentions related to LGBTQ stories on social media, and a robot vacuum breaks free from a Travel Lodge in England.

Get Your Benefits

02.02.22 | Shop Talk explores same-sex couples collecting spousal benefits from Social Security. Prior to marriage equality, same-sex couples did not enjoy the benefits of marriage and Social Security payments. That is changing now, and the government is taking an active role to get the message out. Howard Deering Johnson, born February 2, 1897, is our Business Birthday. Johnson was the founder of Howard Johnson’s and revolutionized the independent operator franchise model. Caught My Eye covers a complicated yet inexpensive alternative energy source and Prince Andrew’s obsession with Teddy Bears.

Ed Sheeran is phoneless

02.01.22 | Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran got rid of his smartphone and “began living life.” He claims life connected to his phone became sad and anxious and he just uses email now every few days. Spotify is trying to navigate pushback from super stars, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, who pulled their song catalogs over what they say is misinformation regarding COVID by podcaster Joe Rogan. Spotify paid $100 million to be the exclusive content provider for Rogan. Is this censoring free speech? Some think so. Finally, a famous Swiss Photographer, 85-year-old Rene Robert, “died of indifference.” He slipped and fell on a bitterly cold street in central Paris and was ignored for 9 hours. He died of hypothermia. Sad.

88 Keys

01.26.22 | We have a guest! Pianist and Focus Group fan, Jeff Cubeta, joins us to talk about virtual piano lessons in the age of the event. Also, the worker shortage is not because of what many may think. Bessie Coleman, born January 26th, 1898, and died tragically doing what she loved at 34 is our Business Birthday. Coleman, known as Brave Bessie or Queen Bessie, was a trailblazer in aviation being the first African American and Native American woman to get a pilot’s license. Caught My Eye looks at a Michigan Judge who backtracks after humiliating an elderly man with cancer for not properly caring for his lawn. Also, IRI Research released the Top 10 Cereal Brands for 2021. You may be surprised.

TFG Unbuttoned: M&Ms Go Woke

01.25.22 | The internet and social media are buzzing at M&Ms announced “more inclusive and accepting” changes to the fictional candy characters. It’s candy! But first, a Jewish couple in Tennessee is denied adoption of a disabled boy from Florida. Due to recently enacted religious freedom laws in some states. Welcome to what it feels like to be an LGBTQ person in America where taxpayer funded organizations can discriminate against LGBTQ Americans. Uber’s CEO pledges $50K to the #BettyShiteChallenge after many have complained about the doorbell sound in the Uber Eats TV spot. As many dog owners know, commercials that use the doorbell sounds send a lot of dogs into a tailspin.

Going Postal

01.19.22 | Shop Talk reveals highlights of some legislation that various states are exploring to protect Marriage Equality should The Supreme Court lose its mind. Heinz Prechter, born January 19, 1942, is our Business Birthday. As an innovator in the automotive industry, we have Heinz to thank for the sunroof/moonroof. He developed and perfected the idea and started the American Sunroof Company in 1963 with less than $800. Caught My Eye looks at how the porn industry has had to adapt to please the likes of Visa and Mastercard. That result as told by porn star Cherie DeVille is to create a new porn genre: “women stuck in things.” Also, the Postal Service is holding an auction for lost or undelivered items in Atlanta. When asked what would be auctioned, the Postal Serve said, “they were not sure.” News from the North Korea desk reveals that The Great Successor, Kim Jon-un, does not poop or pee.

TFG Unbuttoned: A dollar means a dollar

01.18.22 | The retail discount chain, Dollar Tree, is getting plenty of push-back from their customers for increasing prices to $1.25. It appears the “event” and supply chain shortages are affecting every aspect of our economy. Squirrels spoiled holiday lights this past season in St. Paul, MN. Apparently, the coating for the twinkle lights in Mears Park had a corn sugar coating that the critters loved to eat. Finally, researchers have found a compound in the growing cycle of cannabis that may curtail or protect us against the Covid virus. Stay tuned and don’t start smoking-up yet as research is in the very early stages.

Frigorific Alienism

01.12.22 | Shop Talk reveals nine words that have been removed from some dictionaries in 202. Also, we explore North Korea’s fascination with triplets. The Amazing Kreskin is our Business Birthday as he celebrates his 87th today. Caught My Eye solves the rat and rodent problem in NYC—yum…Oreos. Finally, Elvira loses 11K “horny old men” and then shortly gains 60K new followers after coming out in September 2021. Thanks to our Fort Worth listener for the Oreo cookies and Key Lime Kit Kat! Taste test coming soon.

TFG Unbuttoned: Analysis paralysis

01.11.21 | The State of Ohio takes 15 months to get the design of their new aviation inspired license plate just right but produced over 35,000 of the new plates before someone realized that the Wright Brothers plane was backwards. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer has a rogue employee who sent out crude tweets regarding Dry January. John thinks this was a stunt and not an accident. Our final story involves a runaway barge in Vancouver, BC. Tim thinks his friend Kate may have found the secret to orange ice cream. John will try it on his trip to Rehoboth Beach and give his review later this month.

Four-word rule for the classroom

01.05.22 | Shop Talk looks at a respected MIT Professor’s rules of engagement for the classroom. See if you agree with his 4 simple words. King Camp Gillette, born January 5, 1855, is our Business Birthday. As an innovator in the field of grooming, Gillette is credited with bringing the disposable safety razor to the masses. Caught My Eye looks at how CNN was duped on New Year’s Eve with fake names across the onscreen scroll. They never picked up on tweets from Ben Dover or Dixie Normus among others. Also, a man lifts his sleeping ex-girlfriend’s eyelids to unlock her phone, stealing $24,000. The Dear Leader Kim Jong Un is losing weight for his country and state media asks the people not to despair at his appearance.

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