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Left or right, creative or not

08.25.21 | Shop Talk looks at a recent study that tries to settle the age-old question as to whether left-handed people are more creative. Then we explore the power of silence in business negotiations. Caught My Eye brings us a story about sorority rush in Alabama and the booming business of selling fake nobility titles. Rachel Ray, born August 25th, celebrity chef and businesswomen is our Business Birthday. Happy 53rd Rachel!

TFG Unbuttoned: Only Fans windfall

08.24.21 | A former nurse gets bullied by her co-workers for posting some naughty pics on social media, but when those same workers find her Only Fans videos, it proves too much for the nurse and she quits. While the former nurse, Former nurse Allie Rae pulls in about 70K a month through her Only Fans page—but she misses the nursing field. Bank that coin Allie Rae! Also, MGM Resorts will auction off some Picassos from The Bellagio, said to be worth close to $104 million. Tim and John look at some of these paintings and wonder whether the slot players had any idea the art was worth millions of dollars—while slurping on their frozen daiquiris! Finally, the event is taking a bigger toll economically on the LGBTQ population than others, the latest census finds.

Workers want to stay home

08.18.21 | Shop Talk looks at a Fast Company article that highlights the real reasons—beyond being productive—that employees want to work remotely rather than going back to the office. Caught My Eye brings us a story about the USA returning to the Moon in 2024. John has his doubts. Did you know that the USA’s first gay ambassador was also a co-founder of the HRC? The death of Jim Hormel caught Tim’s eye. Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube, celebrates his 43rd on August 18th as our Business Birthday. Tim is elected Commissioner of Rehoboth Beach and John finds humor in the responsibilities ahead.

TFG Unbuttoned: I Do and We Win

08.17.21 | Billie Jean King and her partner of 42 years, Ilana Kloss, finally tie the knot. (They actually did it privately, 3 years ago.) Billie Jean says that she had “trust issues” as detailed in her new book, All-In. But first, Community Marketing and Insights finds that LGBTQ adults have COV-ID-19 vaccination rates of more than 90%—compared to the general population at 71%. As our listener Patrick in Delaware says, “get the shot, don’t be a spreadneck!” And Rachel Maddow considers taking her popular MSNBC political fab show to another media platform. Will they let her go as the network’s highest rated show?

Employer review goes wrong

08.11.21 | A company that fought back legally after a former employee trashed them online through several employment review boards is the topic of Shop Talk. Be careful what you write, and probably not smart to call out the owners by name and make accusations that can be harmful to them and the business. Caught My Eye looks at a recent home buyer that passed on the inspection, then found they were overwhelmed with close to half a million honeybees in the walls. The Titanic Exhibit in Tennessee had an ice wall collapse on visitors, and FedEx founder Fred Smith celebrates his 77th birthday today.

TFG Unbuttoned: Rub a Dub Dub

08.10.21 | A growing list of celebrities appear to be shunning soap and only bathing when absolutely necessary. Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest culprit following up on the news that stinky couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis only wash crevices when necessary and only wash their kids if they see some dirt on them. Then, Burger King employees hurl homophobic slurs at a gay couple and their son. The story in California is still unfolding. Finally, Russian TV goes all out in mocking and ridiculing LGBTQ Olympic athletes in Tokyo.

Dog Days of Summer

08.04.21 | Shop Talk looks at the origins of poppers. Caught My Eye explores becoming an artist’s live model at 60, and a restaurant patron brings in a scale to weigh his meat at the Texas Roadhouse. Lloyd Anderson, born August 4th, co-founder of REI Outdoor Specialty Outfitter with his wife Gertrude is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: But wait…there’s more

08.03.21 | Infomercial Pitchman Ron Popeil died this past week. From Mr. Microphone to Veg-a-matic, the Pocket Fisherman and aerosol hair, Popeil was the consummate salesperson who made us all believe. RIP. But first, Disney gets dinged for not using the word gay to describe one of its characters in the new Jungle Cruise movie and a Trumper gets prison time for dumping on a neighbor’s lawn.

Advice for yourself at 20

07.28.21 | Shop Talk looks at the advice you would give your 20-year-old self regarding career. An overwhelming amount of people said this one thing. Caught My Eye looks at a South Korean network’s Olympic Parade of Nations unflattering commentary. A hydrogen balloon will take you to space for 125k—John will pay 10k and Tim is not interested. Earl Tupper, born July 28th, of Tupperware fame is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Olympians get a helping hand

07.27.21 | Tulipán, an intimate gels and sex toy manufacturer from Argentina, is providing items to help athletes pleasure themselves upon request in Tokyo. The Taliban threatens to kill gays brutally and take away rights of women as they reinstitute Sharia Law should they regain control of Afghanistan. Finally, a teenager is arrested for a prank of airdropping the image of an air gun onto the phones of passengers on a United flight.

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