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TFG Unbuttoned: The iPhone made me gay

10.08.19 | A Russian national is suing Apple claiming an app made him gay. But first, one writer feels the current GM labor strike is more about the demise of the combustion engine as electrification becomes more popular. A California police department tests a Tesla for their fleet in order to reduce their carbon footprint and maintenance costs. They did not foresee the battery drain during a high-speed chase but are still positive about the addition of the electric car to the fleet.

Say nothing if you want to sound smarter

10.02.19 | A new study shows that people who are thoughtful in their speech and pause between words often come across as smarter. What do you think? An LGBT Center in Ohio is seeking donations, San Francisco residents take the homeless problem into their own hands, and cranberry magnate, Marcus Urann is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Man visits animal shelter for a daily catnap

10.01.19 | A Greenbay animal shelter has a daily volunteer that comes in to brush the cats and often takes a nap then wakes to brush another feline. Tim thinks this could be part of John’s future retirement routine. But first, ride share companies appear to discriminate against people of color based on name and LGBTQ people based upon photo imagery such as a “rainbow filter.” Then, a woman in France has struck gold with a lost masterpiece from Cimabue hanging over her hotplate. At auction this month the 12th century painting is expected to fetch upwards of $6 million dollars.

The number one skill parents need to teach their kids

09.25.19 | Parents need to teach children to be indistractable and we agree but think all people should employ the practice. A Richard Branson adults-only cruise has us wondering and coyotes are seen in Marietta, Ohio. The police department sent out specific instructions when observing coyote behavior. Salesforce Founder Marc Benioff is 55, and the Maple Creme Oreo taste test is a success. The boys in the booth think the cookies should be mixed into pancake batter!

TFG Unbuttoned: The most disgusting and hilarious story we have ever covered

09.23.19 | A Kansas City man claims his doctor stopped treating him when they found out he was gay, and a barista is fired in Nebraska for shouting at and confronting an anti-LGBTQ lobbyist. Then an American Airlines flight has what they called, a “medical mishap,” when a passenger popped her blister in-flight and it splattered on two other passengers and another’s book. Yuck! Welcome Fall!

Underwear ads lose the macho

09.18.19 | Men’s underwear ads are starting to show more “normal” looking guys. While we still think sex sells, one of the conclusions is that women purchase most of the underwear so the ads are directed to the them. (We still disagree, remember International Male?) The founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies, Debbi Fields, has a birthday and the Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo cookies get a—”meh”—from our resident Garrett, resident Oreographer.

TFG Unbuttoned: The real reason President Trump is orange

09.17.19 | The first ever LGBT credit union is poised to launch in Michigan. Tim and John love the idea and mission, but curious about the name. Then, NYC has done a study to see if texting while walking is dangerous. The bottom line is that speeding cars are more of a threat to pedestrians than distracted texting by foot. Finally, Trump blames new energy efficient bulbs for making him look orange. You really can’t make this stuff up.

Americans waste hundreds of millions of vacation days each year

09.11.19 | A young girl was sent home for wearing a pro-equality t-shirt to school. Then, Americans waste hundreds of millions of vacation days each year. Wait until you hear the impact on the economy that shocked Tim and John. But first, Harry Potter books removed from a Catholic School that believed they were full of evil spells, and the co-founder of Adobe is our business birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Sheryl Crow and her old feud with Walmart

09.10.19 | Walmart has made the decision to stop selling certain guns and ammunition at their stores and Sheryl Crow feels vindicated. The retailer banned sales of Crow’s self-titled album in 1996 due to a lyric that mentions Walmart and guns. American college students are buying completed essays from overseas for as much as $13 a page, and a prosecutor recommends a month jail sentence, 20k fine, and one year probation for Felicity Huffman due to the college admissions scandal earlier this year.

Marlon Brando confronts Michael Jackson about his sex life

09.04.19 | Marlon Brando reveals a one-on-one chat he had with Michael Jackson about all of the alleged sex stories. 86% of people are still shopping at brick and mortar stores, just doing it differently according to one study. Find out what three things can derail a customer from returning to your store. But first, Air Canada is not French enough and famed architect Daniel Burnham is our business birthday.

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