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Companies want you back in the office, soon

04.07.21 | Shop Talk looks at corporations that believe we will be back in the office sooner than we think. Also, a new book of lessons learned from Mom and NASA. Hint: It’s all about respect. But first, LEGO inventor Ole Kirk Kristiansen is our Business Birthday. A heartwarming story about a gay couple that adopts a baby found on a subway platform in NYC and a man pranks his fiancé with repeat wedding proposals throughout Disney World.

TFG Unbuttoned: VW shocks industry

04.06.21 | VW tried to play along with an early April Fool’s Joke that revealed that the brand would now be known as Voltswagen. The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Auto News did not find the joke funny. Fire Island and other resort areas are already pushing the season and opening early. If you have not rented for this summer, it may be too late to get the dates or property you desire. Finally, KFC is borrowing other brand slogans until “finger-lickin’ good” can be used again. KFC—Just Do It!

Apple reveals its most valuable product

03.31.21 | Shop Talk covers 11 common grammar mistakes we all should avoid, and we reveal what Apple says is their product of most value. But first, Designer and first woman to lead a Fortune 500 company, Liz Claiborne, is our Business Birthday. Pepsi and “Traditional family Peeps” create a too sweet marshmallow soda. A woman makes a fortune ghost writing for dogs on Fiverr and the ship that got stuck in the Suez drew a penis in the ocean before getting stuck.

TFG Unbuttoned: Cox Blocks Porn

03.30.21 | Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signs a divisive measure that would require cell phones and tablets sold in the state to block all pornography, deemed a public health crisis. Five other states must enact similar laws for the measure to take effect. Then, congratulations to Rachel Levine on becoming the first out transgender person to win Senate confirmation. Finally, a Georgia man receives his final paycheck for $915 in the form of 90,000 greasy pennies dumped in his driveway.

Resume tips and jargon to avoid

03.24.21 | Shop Talk comes from The Ladders this week and helps us avoid overused phrases and jargon that recruiters despise. But first, Joseph Roland Barbera, of Hanna-Barbera fame, is our Business Birthday. A Lutheran Church member bilks 150K out of his church because he was lonely and thought he was helping the amateur porn stars out. Rep. Boebert of Colorado continues to be unfit for office and social media reminds her that her husband, Jayson, was arrested for exposing himself to two women.

TFG Unbuttoned: Our bodies changed in 2020

03.23.21 | A Florida man dies while cycling over an open draw bridge despite the gates being down and obvious danger. A new study looks at various aspects of how the pandemic of 2020 has taken a toll on our bodies from our brain to our feet. Finally, a lack of shipping containers globally has created a shortage of cheese at Costco and many other international goods such as furniture, olive oil, seafood, and garden supplies at other retailers.

How to update your resume for 2021

03.17.21 | Shop Talk looks at six things you should remove from your resume ASAP. But first, German Industrialist Gottlieb Daimler is our Business Birthday. The rubber band was given a patent today in 1845 and the inventor of the cassette tape, Lou Ottens, died this week. Caught My Eye informs us that the Texas Rangers are going to stop using hypnosis in interrogation and singles are pleasuring themselves more than ever since the event. Deep Discount releases the much-recommended “Promising Young Woman.”

TFG Unbuttoned: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

03.16.21 | A Georgetown Law Professor is fired for saying her black students don’t do as well as others in class while on a Zoom call with another colleague. Stay tuned for an HBO Special about Paul Reubens of Pee-Wee Herman fame and can you believe he is 68 years old? Finally, Amazon is being sued for rescinding job offers for some applicants that test positive for cannabis without letting them know that they would be tested for it.

Top five interview questions to ask

03.10.21 | Shop Talk looks at 5 questions some career experts wish job candidates had the guts to ask during interviews. But first, we have two Business Birthdays. Joe Gold, the Founder of Gold’s Gym, and Alfred Peet, the founder of Peet’s Coffee and the person credited with starting the specialty coffee revolution in the USA, both born on March 10th. Caught My Eye looks at new proposed legislation in California where large retailers will no longer be allowed separate boys and girls toys or childcare items on the sales floor. Then, another country in Europe is banning the burka and face coverings for Muslim women as the discussion of cultural assimilation and religion continue to collide.

TFG Unbuttoned: Openly Gay or Out

03.09.21 | An Advocate writer believes “openly gay” is an offensive term and “out” would be a better description. Tim was suspect and John thought it linguistic gymnastics, but they both understood the nuance as the article further explained. What do you think? Then, a Texas school’s Chivalry lesson goes astray, and just when you think you knew everything about Camelot a new old Kennedy revelation re-emerges.

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