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4 Expressions to avoid at work and Mystery Oreos

10.25.17 | It’s a Random Sample show. Check-in to the VW Beetle Hotel—if you dare, the ugly sneaker trend, and androphiles are explored. What’s the flavor of the Mystery Oreo? Tim and John seem to think there is an orange tinge while the rest of the crew thinks Fruity Pebbles! Enter to win 50K with Oreo if you get it right. The Focus Group 2017 Listener Survey has launched and we would appreciate your feedback. Shop Talk looks at 4 Expressions to avaoid that make you look clueless at work.

Founder of the Teeth Tomorrow Network Dr. Michael Tischler

10.18.17 | Tim and John speak with Dr. Michael Tischler, owner of Tischler Dental Laboratory as well as the founder of the Teeth Tomorrow Franchise Network. Divine, aka Harris Glenn Milstead, celebrates a business birthday, Apple Pie Oreos get mixed results, and the seven ways to end your day on a good note.

We are on the road from Out & Equal

10.11.17Tim and John head to Philadelphia with Volkswagen to attend the 2017 Out & Equal Workplace Advocates Summit. Aside from being the first chance to experience the new VW Tiguan and Atlas SUVs, Tim and John were able to experience first hand how large the Out & Equal conference has grown since their last visit to the summit in Los Angeles. It’s great to see so many Fortune 500 companies in attendance supporting LGBT Equality in the workplace. Not to brag, but VW was one of only four auto manufacturers in attendance, and they stole the show with their display adjacent to the conference entrance and registration. Kudos to the VW Team for being very visible and proud! Our guests this week include VW’s own Machelle Williams and Dave Dunlap, along with the Founder and CEO of Out & Equal, Selisse Berry.

How to handle an uncomfortable work situation

10.04.17 | Tim and John run through their signature segment, The Random Sample—LGBT news from around the USA and sometimes the globe. Russell Simmons is 60, John finds out where the name R2-D2 originated, and Tim wants a Coy dog. Listener Adrian sent us Cookie Butter Oreos to sample—and The Focus Group gives them a 10! Shop Talk looks at some ways to address uncomfortable conversations with co-workers.

Keith Price joins Tim and John and talks about “Curtain Call,” his new podcast

09.27.17 | It’s our first Focus Group Prime Time Special. Comedian and Curtain Call Host Keith Price joins Tim and John to talk about his latest stand-up show and his Fall Broadway Theater picks. John’s Pick that Flick, Tim’s List, and a very special business birthday round out the show. Can you spot the hidden anatomy in some famous cartoons and should a woman be concerned that her boyfriend is on Grindr to “buy weed?”

Criterion Collection President Peter Becker

09.20.17 | If you can still read this the world has yet to end, nurses can’t believe what they see, Sassy Trump reprimands North Korea, Big League Chew is 40, and retailers are closing stores at a record pace. Get your Doomsday Bucket, listen to The Focus Group, and enjoy a Criterion Film tonight. Peter Becker, Criterion Collection President is our guest.

LGBT headlines from around the globe and the Equifax hack

09.13.17 | Tim and John look at LGBT headlines and stories from around the globe, and discuss steps to protect your credit after the Equifax hack. But first, Denny’s craptastic mascot, Milton Hershey’s birthday, and sign language translation fumble.

How to be happy at work

09.06.17 | Are you happy at work? Our guest on The Focus Group will help answer that question. Tim Bennett and John Nash welcome Dr. Annie McKee to discuss her latest book How To Be Happy At Work. But first driverless pizza delivery, Superman logic, and Trump shaped orange ecstasy pills. All out of this world but somehow related—we suppose. Shop Talk explores the idea that your passion may not be a path to business success.

Tim and John make some Labor Day resolutions

08.30.17 | Tim and John talk about the end of summer, and make some Labor Day resolutions. But first, they touch on wild animals getting lose at an auto show, Warren Buffet’s odd ways, sole-less shoes, a Dunkin’ Donuts rebrand, KLM’s Pride marketing miscue, and driving while gay. Try to get all of this somewhere else!

Kimberly Acquaviva, author of “LGBTQ-Inclusive Hospice & Palliative Care”

08.23.17Kim Acquaviva is our guest on The Focus Group. Her new book, LGBTQ-Inclusive Hospice and Palliative Care is the go-to handbook for hospice and palliative care professionals looking to enhance their care delivery or their programs with LGBTQ-inclusive care. But first, Tim and John share what caught their eye and the usual Focus Group banter. Finally, Tim and John share their philosophy on the use of “I.” Join us here or on our YouTube channel.

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