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TFG Unbuttoned: It’s not over

06.14.22 | 31 White Supremacists from The Patriot Front are arrested in Idaho before they could disrupt a Coeur d’Alene Pride Celebration. Thankfully a citizen alerted police that they saw what looked like a “little army” loading into U-Haul trucks. Then, Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s says he wished he never named the burger chain after his daughter. He apologized to her on his deathbed and said that it was too much pressure on her and stole her privacy. Finally, delivery app Postmates, has teamed up with restaurants in New York City and Los Angeles to offer bottom-friendly meals.

The Best Water

06.08.22 | Shop Talk looks at several companies that say they are LGBTQ friendly yet donate to anti-gay politicians and PACS. We learn that John grew up with the best drinking water anywhere, according to Mom. Caught My Eye introduces us to the PRIDE Whopper. Also, former guest and comedian, Rich Kiamco, will be featured on “Our America: Who I Was Meant to Be.” The Fixer or Spin Master, PR Guru Michael Sitrick is our Business Birthday. Happy 75th on June 8th Michael.

TFG Unbuttoned: Questions surround Nancy Reagan stamp June launch

06.07.22 | The LGBTQ+ community and allies are up in arms after the White House kicked off Pride Month by announcing a new postal stamp honoring former first lady Nancy Reagan. The Reagan Administration showed no leadership during the AIDS crisis and the optics of honoring the former first lady during PRIDE is just not smart. The NFL and New England claps back at social media trolls that mocked the Rainbow flag and other PRIDE recognition. Finally, the UK launches a 50p coin in honor of PRIDE.

Happy Pride, 2022

06.01.22 | Shop Talk looks at an article from Out Magazine that recommends an array of PRIDE Merchandise that actually gives back to LGBTQ causes and orgs. Caught My Eye showcases a photographer that does glam shots to help dogs get adopted. Also, the Mayor of San Francisco is bowing out of the PRIDE parade because uniformed officers are not allowed to march. This is a trend nationwide and not a good one in our opinion. Joseph Pujol, better known by his stage name Le Pétomane was a French flatulist (professional farter) and entertainer and our Business Birthday this week.

TFG Unbuttoned: Pride briefs by John Waters

05.31.22 | Walmart pulls an ice cream product in honor of Juneteenth. Many African American consumers opined via social media that this is what happens when you don’t have diverse voices in the C-suite. Then, State Farm Insurance reversed a decision to supply LGBTQ themed books to agents as donations to local organizations and schools. Finally, Calvin Klein is offering a line of Pride clothing under the theme of This Is Love. John Waters and Mink Stole are in one of the promotions.

Success at 60

05.25.22 | Shop Talk looks at an article from Fast Company that believes entrepreneurs at 60 have a lot to offer. Experience, intuition, and purpose are more fully formed as we spend time in the workplace and that’s a good thing. Caught My Eye exposes the problem with public urination in Philly’s subway system and creepy dolls are washing-up on shore in Texas… The co-creator of the Philly cheesesteak, Harry Olivieri, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Grindr Women

05.24.22 | CNN started CNN+ streaming service this past Spring, then promptly shuttered it leaving many people out of work. Imagine the surprise when many of them received Welcome to CNN gift baskets with branded merchandise and tips on how to make the most of their career at CNN. Then, Grindr is seeing an influx of straight women on the gay male hook-up site looking for femme or bisexual men. Good luck. Finally, Disney had introduced a line of Pride merchandise ready for June purchase with money going to LGBTQ non-profits. Many see this as a positive when compared with Disney’s Rainbow Collection of the past.

A Rose is not a Rose

05.18.22 | Shop Talk reveals that a PR firm has suggested to their clients to stay silent regarding Roe v. Wade. Thomas Midgley Jr., the inventor of leaded gas and Freon is our Business Birthday. Caught my eye highlights the accomplishments of astrophysicist, Dr. Jane Rigby. Also, a Catholic elementary school accidentally sells red thongs disguised as roses for Mother’s Day.

TFG Unbuttoned: Just Google It

05.17.22 | Thailand is sending 1 million cannabis plants to private citizens for medicinal purposes—and leaves us wondering why. Then, “The Griswolds” picked up a stray puppy alongside the road while on vacation—and it ended up being a wandering coyote! Finally, Google is allowing you to have private information hidden from the search engine. Address, email contact, and other data can be eliminated from search if you request by submitting a form that details what you do not want public. Remember, Bing or other search engines will still have your information available.

The Great Embrace

05.11.22 | Shop Talk looks at how companies are pivoting from The Great Resignation to The Great Embrace. Caught my eye explores the drought out West and what the low water levels are revealing. Also, Target is selling a t-shirt for Pride which is a design from the group Act Up. Stay tuned for how Target will resolve the infringement. Jackie Cochran, trailblazing aviator, and cosmetic guru is our Business Birthday.

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