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TFG Unbuttoned: Good to know

06.30.20 | Systemic racism bleeds into parts of our culture without many of us being aware. Case in point, NPR covered a story about the 100 plus-year-old jingle of the ice cream truck. Then, Eskimo Pies are getting a new name and Wal-Mart comes under fire for co-opting Black Lives Matter.

The Business of Pride

06.24.20 | Shop Talk this week looks at how June Pride Celebrations have had to pivot in our world of social distancing. Virtual Prides anyone? Also, companies are trying to navigate their support as parades and other gatherings are canceled. But first, The Pomodoro Technique and an iconic bus removal are the subjects of Caught My Eye. Chuck Taylor of Converse High Top Fame is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: It’s never too late to come out

06.23.20 | A 90-year-old man in Colorado finally comes out of the closet and is enjoying making up for lost time with help from his lesbian daughter. But first, a wife becomes irate during a flight when she discovers her husband is having an affair—causing it to be diverted, and many airlines are foregoing alcohol as people begin to fly again.

Good news from DC

06.17.20 | The Supreme Court rules that the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBTQ employees from workplace discrimination. Robotic pets and an LL Bean scam catch the eye of Tim and John. Tory Burch is our Business Birthday, and Shop Talk explores how lavender became a color of LGBTQ resistance. Oh, and try Magic Spoon cereal—it’s a hit with us and our families!

TFG Unbuttoned: Invasion of the chipmunks

06.16.20 | A bumper crop of nuts and warmer than usual winter has created a chipmunk explosion in the northern US. But first, colleges are rescinding admission to students who posted racist comments on social media and gay marriage has contributed billions into the US economy since marriage equality became law in 2015.

All you need is love

06.10.20 | Shop Talk looks at two titans of industry this week. Warren Buffet says this one word is the key to success and Jeff Bezos reveals the most important question to ask in business. But first, Starbucks used items are a hot commodity and check out Poolside.fm for some great summer music. The Founder of Dunkin’ Donuts, William Rosenberg, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: HIV transmission rates down

06.09.20 | A slight silver lining, to all that we have encountered in 2020, is that HIV and STD transmission rates have plummeted since people have social distanced. Cutting down on infections means less spread later. Good news. Then, the Trump 2020 campaign is selling Pride T-Shirts despite supporting many anti-LGBTQ initiatives and The Village People have asked that Trump stop using their music at rallies.

8 things not to reveal in the workplace

06.03.20 | Shop Talk explores 8 things that smart people never reveal about themselves at work. Some are obvious, and others both Tim and John may be guilty of sharing. But first, Darth Vader, Queen, and Redneck Cowboy Boot Sandals. Norman Brinker, often credited for the “invention and popularity” of the salad bar is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Knock, knock

06.02.20 | Who’s there? A sexual fantasy goes awry when the man who hired two men to carry out the scene were given the wrong address. The man’s fantasy included being tied up and tickled with a broom. Truth is always stranger than fiction. Then, Japan has requested that amusement park goers not scream on rides when the parks reopen this month and LGBTQ bars are dealt an additional blow with new social distancing rules.

Failure is an option

05.27.20 | Jeff Bezos of Amazon says that failure is an important part of growth and companies should not beat themselves up about it. We agree. An “out of this world” rancher in Pittsburgh, and an astronomical demand for eggs Caught our Eye this week. Amelia Jenks Bloomer is our Business Birthday.

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