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The future of the business handshake

05.06.20 | Will the business handshake go the way of the dinosaur? While shaking hands is not acceptable right now, the conventional wisdom is it will survive and be back…someday. Soloflex and other home gym equipment is seeing a resurgence, and listener Rob shows his baby Yoda dolls. Microsoft wants you to not hit the space bar twice at the end of a sentence, and Dan Gerber of Gerber Baby Food is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: A literal rat race

05.05.20 | Rats in major metro areas are dealing with food shortages based on our new normal, which has forced them to extreme behaviors. A Muslim Cleric in Turkey, with the support of Pres. Erdogan, has popularized an anti-LGBTQ slur of “Go to Holland.” Finally, Facebook doubles down on the insanity of what is right and wrong content on its platform. A lesbian wedding announcement was banned because Facebook classified it as a “social issue.”

The open floor plan office needs to go away

04.29.20 | Companies are questioning their decisions to move away from a traditional office format to the open floor plan. With concern now about social distancing many companies will have to figure out how to configure these open spaces with many shared touch points. Caught My Eye explores poppers, Star Wars Lego heads, and what Tim and John are reading. Karl Drais, a prolific inventor, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Tops more desirable than bottoms

04.28.20 | Walmart has seen a sales jump for shirts and blouses as people want to give the appearance of being put together on video conferences. While many are in pajama bottoms, shorts, or sweats they are all business on top. Working at home has made people more productive than expected, but fear of burn-out is a real thing as you cannot get away from work while in lockdown. Finally, the Queer as Folk USA cast reunites to help raise money for LGBTQ centers around the country.

Happy Earth Day

04.22.20 | Earth Day is 50 this year. Get out and appreciate Mother Earth. Caught My Eye looks at a must-see movie, A Circus of Books, and the comeback of the Hawaiian shirt. Shop Talk looks at the removal of the Native American icon on the Land O’ Lakes butter packaging. Our Business Birthday celebrates Bettie Mae Page, America’s Pin-up Queen.

TFG Unbuttoned: The more things change, the more they stay the same

04.21.20 | Tim and John had a high school history teacher that always said to remember that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Our stories today certainly fit that advice. From xenophobia in China to LGBTQ discrimination based on religious beliefs. Is this 1980? Finally, a feel-good story that hopefully catches on across the USA.

Advertisers provide hope

04.15.20 | National and local companies have quickly pivoted their advertising messages to one of hope and assurance that we are all in this together and we will all be better for it. This is unprecedented territory for all of us and while we know things will be different, we cannot predict what that will really mean. Caught My Eye takes a look at plastic-eating enzymes and bait-and-switch sleazy consumer tactics at Instacart. Conrad Hubert, of the flashlight and Eveready fame, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Teens have love affair with Apple

04.14.20 | A recent study shows that America’s youth is fully engrained in the Apple iPhone culture. The study shows that 88% said their next phone will be an Apple iPhone. Then, many celebrities fail in their attempt to show empathy during this pandemic with rose petal baths and yacht isolation. Finally, Heath Ledger refused to partake in a gay joke at the Academy Awards related to his groundbreaking role in Brokeback Mountain. Ledger said the same-sex relationship in the movie was not a joke, but about love, and he would not joke about it. Thank you, Heath.

No soup for you

04.08.20 | John surprises Tim this week with a birthday greeting from Larry Thomas, aka The Soup Nazi, of Seinfeld fame. Caught My Eye looks at the Finnish practice of drinking in your underpants and 1970′s processed food is having a resurgence. Robert L Johnson, founder of BET, and America’s first African American Billionaire is our Business Birthday. Finally, Shop Talk lets us know that it’s OK to not be productive during the epidemic.

Trusted brands take a leadership role

04.01.20 | Shop Talk takes a look at brands that have pivoted their messages, products, and services in light of our new reality. Rachel Maddow is our Business Birthday. There is a push to lift the ban on gay and bisexual men being able to donate blood, and cities are reminding residents that your toilet is not a garbage can.

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