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TFG Unbuttoned: Anger, racism, and assault…just another day on earth

07.30.19 | An angry mother’s old tweet resurfaces and chides millennials for clogging-up Disney theme Parks, a One Dollar Zone store sells a black doll that encourages you to whack it against a wall, and a clown incites a brawl on a cruise ship. Can’t we all just get along?

Taking care of your money maker!

07.24.19 | Patrick Pan, CMO of Lumin Skin Management for Men, discusses effective techniques for taking better care of your face, and the unique challenges of marketing skin care to men. But first, a young boy’s “Ice Cold Beer” stand goes viral and children love their Woody Huggies. John is looking for advice about poor customer service from Lowe’s.

TFG Unbuttoned: Toledo Strip Club offers free sofas, but they may be stained…

07.23.19 | A strip club near Toledo is giving back to the community by offering up their old sofas while they refurb the place. But first, The Liberty Counsel lets us know that the “Q” in LGBTQ stands for pedophilia. (The hypocrisy and false accusations never cease to amaze. Pay attention and vote.) In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, Sotheby’s auctions off 3 tapes acquired by a NASA intern in 1976 at a government surplus sale. The tapes sold for $1.82 million. Nice ROI!

Would you return a lost wallet?

07.17.19 | After a well-deserved vacation, we are back in the studio! A global experiment with lost wallets reveals some interesting findings—like the most honest countries. Vines are considered an eyesore at a nouveau tony beach enclave, and we discuss the country that has the highest racial discrimination record when it comes to hiring. Hint: the USA does better than most when it comes to hiring practices.

TFG Unbuttoned: Who cut the cheese?

07.16.19 | A suspected felon hiding from Missouri Police reveals his hiding spot with an unfortunate loud fart, MAD Magazine does a reboot and will serve-up recycled content from its 67-year-old archive, and people are loving Mattel’s newest Barbie.

Frank DeCaro Recast!

07.10.19 | Comedian, journalist, pop culture expert, and author Frank DeCaro joins The Focus Group. His latest book, Drag—Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business is a must have for your coffee table and a great hostess gift! The photos and smart writing is everything you want it to be and more. Get it!

TFG Unbuttoned: A family accidentally books the Virgin Atlantic Pride flight—and enjoys every minute of it!

07.09.19 | Unbuttoned wraps up Pride 2019 with one feel good and two business stories. First, a British family with two young sons unexpectedly booked themselves on to Virgin Atlantic’s “Pride Flight.” The London to New York flight was organized to celebrate World Pride 2019 and mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. It featured drag queens, celebrity performances, singing and dancing, and plenty of glitter. The Powell family fully embraced the party atmosphere. Then, agency giant FCB claims it is resigning their Nivea Cream marketing duties after someone on the Nivea team said, “we don’t do gay.” Tim and John have their own take on the kerfuffle. Finally, we take a look at brands that stubbed their toe trying to reach the LGBTQ consumer in June.

Happy Birthday America! (Recast from 2018)

07.03.19 | Tim Bennett and John T. Nash look at cannabis friendly hotels in states where it’s legal, an all-you-can-eat offer that bankrupts a Chinese hot pot restaurant in just two weeks, and Leona Helmsley, aka the Queen of Mean celebrates a Business Birthday. Fun facts about the 4th of July, and the tough questions Apple asks during interviews round out the holiday broadcast.

TFG Unbuttoned: Happy Birthday America!

07.02.19 | Unbuttoned wraps up June Pride with Barclay’s Bank getting pushback for changing their APP in support of Pride, Millennials appear to be less accepting of LGBTQ people than their older peers, and Mastercard allows trans people to use whatever name they choose on a new True Name credit card. It’s July already…Christmas decorations can’t be far behind as retailers move on to the next calendar opportunity to make money.

The most LGBT-friendly places to retire in America

06.26.19 | Some of the cities may come as a surprise, but these are the best places to retire for LGBT seniors according to Senior Advice. The show kicks off with a Pride care package filled with new Oreo flavors from a listener in Texas. Hell, Michigan is bought by a gay man and renamed Gay Hell, and snarky text messages sent to ex’s caught our eye.

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