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The Focus Group shelters in place

03.18.20 | Following the best advice from the experts, Tim and John did this week’s show from their respective homes. We are Americans, we are strong, and we will get through this. On the show today we welcome a new partner: Blinkist.com/FOCUS—check them out for a free 7-day trial and 25% off a subscription. Lillian Vernon, of the catalog fame, is our Business Birthday. Stay well.

TFG Unbuttoned: Business as usual despite Corona Virus

03.17.20 | A NYC cannabis delivery service reports, that despite social distancing, people still want to smoke. The ubiquitous NYC underground weed delivery services equate our current crisis to that of a major storm where people are confined in-house for a period of time and want to partake in some recreational weed. Oh, the humanity. Then, transparency and communication are important to avoid financial infidelity in relationships, and procrastination is a challenge we all have to manage.

Bring back Sunday supper

03.11.20 | And a one and a two… Lawrence Welk is our Business Birthday this week. An Allentown museum has a real Rembrandt and a Mississippi Hilton has started to foster dogs with great success. We share our progress on developing a new logo for Tribury using the services of Fiverr.com. Shop Talk looks at reinstating Sunday Supper to ward off the Sunday Scaries—the dreaded Monday back to work angst.

TFG Unbuttoned: A crazy and sad world

03.10.20 | Internet trolls throw hate speech at a black female-owned business featured in a Target commercial, domestic pets are suffering in China, and a religious bigot wants to take the rainbow away from the “ungrateful gays.”

The mystery of the online mattress return

03.04.20 | Virgin Atlantic has an icon switcheroo and Jeff Bezos is worth a lot of rice. Our Business Birthday this week is the co-founder of Amway, Richard DeVos Sr. Shop Talk looks at the fake prop industry that is going through a reboot as more brick and mortar stores close and the mail-order mattress industry struggles with returns.

TFG Unbuttoned: DC Crew Club closes

03.03.20 | The last remaining gay bathhouse in Washington DC closed this past weekend. The Crew Club in Logan Circle has been running as a gym and sauna for the past 25 years. The owners hosted a closing down party this past Saturday, before shutting its doors for good. Change is inevitable. But first, members of the BuzzFeed community share their favorite queer children’s books and The Church of Scientology gets reprimanded for a balloon release.

Diversity is not working as a Business Case

02.26.20 | Shop Talk explores a new study that suggests diversity in the workplace as a business case, or ROI, is not working. The writer recommends companies reinstate quotas and affirmative action. An elementary school gets socked with a royalty fee for playing a movie and a funeral crasher delivers messages from the dead to the living. Levi Strauss is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: A horned cyclops lesbian cop

02.25.20 | Disney’s new Pixar movie, Onward, features an LGBTQ character that was described as a horned cyclops lesbian cop. The Twitter-sphere has a lot to say of course. A woman brings her service horse on a flight and an African American owned bank, OneUnited, is criticized unfairly about putting an image of Harriet Tubman on their debit cards in honor of Black History Month.

Hidden finds at your local library

02.19.20 | Libraries get creative by offering some nontraditional items to borrow, and listener Christopher sends in some Paul Lynde memorabilia. The inventor of the windshield wiper, Mary Anderson, is our business birthday. Our guest is Gary Saperstein from #OutInTheVineyard. Gary announces several exciting additions to the popular Gay Wine Weekend this July in Sonoma.

TFG Unbuttoned: And you thought you had a bad date

02.18.20 | A woman goes on a first date with a man she met via an app and ended up being a getaway driver in a bank heist. Then, Connecticut is the latest state grappling with laws regarding trans athletes and eligibility to compete. Unilever stops advertising ice cream for kids due to obesity concerns.

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