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The First Letter of Your Name May Determine Your Profession

12.13.23 | Shop Talk looks at the correlation between the first letter of your name and your career. Caught My Eye finds an Ohio attorney who poops in Pringles cans and a license plate redo for Kansas. John Henry Patterson, founder of National Cash Register, is our Business Birthday. Patterson was also the first to provide social programs for factory workers, set-up the world’s first sales training programs, and “invented” direct mail.

TFG Unbuttoned: Family Feud Herpes Test

12.12.23 | The Family Feud game show, hosted by infamous kisser Richard Dawson, required contestants take a herpes test according to a new book, “Outrageous: A History of Showbiz and the Culture Wars.” But first, Martina Navratilova proclaims that trans women are not lesbians. Then, the romance of being a nomad and camping under the stars brings reality home when this traveler spent many nights in Cracker Barrel and Walmart parking lots to save money.

Up In Smoke

12.06.23 | Shop Talk shares thoughts from Apple’s Tim Cook about what it takes to get hired and succeed as an Apple employee. Caught My Eye alerts us to a youth hostel housed on the top floor of a Vienna IKEA. Also, Snoop Dog “giving up the smoke” is one of this year’s best marketing plays. Irv Robbins, co-founder of Baskin-Robbins is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: The Icelandic Book Flood

12.05.23 | The website, Ashley Madison, tells us that Florida and the Midwest are the places to be if you are looking to have an affair on the side. Then, the conservative right is going crazy—and threatening a boycott—over Christmas merchandise at Target that includes a Prideful Nutcracker and a black Santa in a wheelchair. Then, we share the Icelandic tradition of giving books on Christmas Eve known as Jolabokaflod, or in English, The Christmas Book Flood.

Check Your Credit Score

11.29.23 | Shop Talk explains the difference between a “hard pull” and a “soft pull” as it relates to your credit score. It’s also important to check and make sure that your information is correct, as both Tim and John have had experiences with wrong information that negatively affected their scores. Caught My Eye shares information about an Iowa man pleasing himself at the Kum & Go Convenience store. Also, Marty Krofft, creator of H.R. Pufnstuf and other entertainment properties has died. Eugene Polley, inventor of the TV wireless remote control is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: 3-Year Cruise Leaves Passengers Stranded

11.28.23 | A cruise line that promised a 3-year trip around the world never set sail. Many passengers sold homes, sub-let properties, and otherwise planned to be away for three years when Life at Sea cruise lines failed to secure a ship for the journey. Also, Tennessee is now the most anti-LGBTQ state with 19 bills enacted against the community since 2015. Finally, a Spanish marketing agency has created an AI influencer bot to address unreliable human influencers.

Retire Your Resume

11.22.23 | Shop Talk covers a trend at some of America’s largest employers who are no longer requiring resumes or advanced degrees, but are more interested in your skill set. Caught My Eye lets us know that people will just drop trou in line at Disney and take a poop rather than getting out of line and finding a restroom. Also, retailer Sephora is the latest to put products under lock and key due to theft. America’s “First Industrial Designer,” Harley Earl, is our Business Birthday. While employed at GM he is best known for developing the concept car, planned obsolescence, tailfins, wrap around windshields, and the Chevy Corvette.

TFG Unbuttoned: Talking Turkey

11.21.23 | The LGB Alliance of the UK stirs up controversy related to the use of “queer,” “LGBTQ+,” and other iterations claiming that all the labels confuse sexual preference with gender identity. Then, One Million Moms is calling for a boycott of this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, labeling it a “non-binary and transgendered extravaganza.” Finally, Thanksgiving dinner this year will cost you less than last year as the price of turkey and cranberries has declined as reported by the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Gen Z Shrugs Off the Idea of Retiring

11.15.23 | Shop Talk shares results from a recent Gen Z retirement study. Many have shrugged off the idea of retirement and would rather live in the moment feeling they may never retire. (Tim and John would encourage everyone to save whatever they can as soon as they can.) Caught My Eye informs us that North Korea is closing at least a quarter of their embassies and missions around the world—China and Russia relations appear to be all they need. Also, C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels of  Star Wars fame, is selling his memorabilia, and expects to bring in close to a million dollars. R.T. French, the founder of French’s Mustard, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: The Unhappy Meal

11.14.23 | Accidental activist, Dan Leveille, created a website that tracks global LGTQ+ laws called Equaldex. The site is used by the United Nations and corporations to help navigate the latest LGBTQ+ laws that can affect travel and work globally. Then, The Sphere in Las Vegas appears to be in the red as the cost of $2.3 Billion to build and will take time to see a profit. Finally, McDonald’s fans have taken to social media with a beef about the prices. One consumer posted a $16.10 receipt for his meal of a burger, fries, and drink.

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