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LGBT Advertising and The Super Bowl?

02.01.17 | Mike Wilke, LGBT ad expert and founder of AdRespect.org, joins The Focus Group to explore the hits and misses over the years pertaining to portrayals of LGBT people in Super Bowl advertising. Let us know if you agree with Mike’s picks. Then, play along with John on Tim’s List with our listeners across America. We are now LIVE every Wednesday at 1pm EST on YouTube and Facebook.

A vodka that is safer for your liver? Sign us up!

01.28.17 | Harsha Chigurupati is the inventor of NTX Technology, an additive that when infused into alcohol renders the spirit liver and DNA friendly. It’s the latest in what has been coined “functional spirits” and, of course, The Focus Group sampled a sip or two. But first, would you buy pre-sliced vacuum packed avocados? Tim and John ask the listeners if they can find a North Korean, Kim Jong-Un guided, “sexy lady stewardess calendar.” It’s the latest in Kim’s effort to lure tourists.

What was “the word” for 2016?

01.21.17 | The American Dialect Society each year chooses a “word of the year” that has snuck into our lexicon. The Focus Group will share the 2016 word along with the political and slang word of the year. See if you agree. But first, Tim and John discuss whether boycotts work. Grab Your Wallet has called for a boycott of LL Bean due to a family member’s support of President Trump.

Rally is the “Uber of Buses”

01.14.17 | Numaan Akram is the founder of Rally and he joins The Focus Group to talk about crowd-powered travel. Rally connects people who are going to the same place, then delivers high-end buses to get them there and back. While Rally usually provides transportation to sporting events and concerts, the Women’s March on Washington is too important an event to ignore. Tens of thousands of riders have already signed up for rides to the women’s march thus far… It’s the “Uber of Buses!” But first, Martina Navratilova shows up in The Week in History and The Week in Science.

Michelangelo Signorile says “It’s Not Over”

01.07.17 | In keeping with a long running tradition, Michelanglelo Signorile is our first guest of the New Year. It is a very sobering conversation with the author of It’s Not Over about LGBT and minority rights, and the importance of activating locally to make our voices heard. But first, France wants you to enjoy your time out of the office and parents are angry about the latest toy craze that did not perform as advertised.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions and stick to them?

Tim and John share some New Year’s Resolutions for 2017…you probably have some of the same. But first, The Focus Group welcomes Cathy Renna, from Target Cue, to discuss the successes of the Obama Administration regarding LGBT Rights. Cathy also shares her thoughts on what’s in store under a Trump Presidency. We do know that President Trump will be tested, but none of us can predict how he will govern.

A Very Merry LIVE Focus Group Christmas Special

Tim and John broadcast live for the first time on their YouTube and Facebook channels earlier this week, and shared their favorite Christmas stories, the best toys they got as kids, and played Tim’s List in this Christmas Special.

What last minute holiday shopping deals are still available?

Benjamin Glaser, Editor at DealNews.com, joins The Focus Group to share some last minute holiday bargains and gifting ideas. Should you be visiting NYC this holiday season, or anytime, he also let’s us in on his favorite pizza joints in the Big Apple. John promises to take Tim since one of the places is close to the studio! Anger Rooms caught John’s eye, and Tim wishes Penthouse Founder, Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini “Bob” Guccione, a Happy Business Birthday.

Is the American Dream still alive?

The incomparable Hedda Lettuce answers that question and many more on this episode of The Focus Group. Tim and John share some of the 33 potential questions that Apple may ask should they grant you a job interview. Oh, and enjoy a holiday brew—It’s National Lager Day—which is different than an ale.

Guess who lost 65 pounds since the demise of OutQ?

Frank Decaro and Jim Colucci help The Focus Group kick off the Holiday Season. Frank shares his weight loss success, and tells us about being on the road with Lisa Lampanelli. Jim updates us on his New York Times bestseller, Golden Girls Forever, which happens to be the gold standard for books of this genre. If you are looking for gifts this season there is nothing better for a Golden Girls Fan than Jim’s latest book and, as Frank reminds us, The Dead Celebrity Cookbook and the Christmas in Tinseltown companion are also “must haves” for the home! We had a blast with Frank and Jim who let us know that this year’s Christmas and Holiday decorating theme at their home is: Blue and White.

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