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8 things not to reveal in the workplace

06.03.20 | Shop Talk explores 8 things that smart people never reveal about themselves at work. Some are obvious, and others both Tim and John may be guilty of sharing. But first, Darth Vader, Queen, and Redneck Cowboy Boot Sandals. Norman Brinker, often credited for the “invention and popularity” of the salad bar is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Knock, knock

06.02.20 | Who’s there? A sexual fantasy goes awry when the man who hired two men to carry out the scene were given the wrong address. The man’s fantasy included being tied up and tickled with a broom. Truth is always stranger than fiction. Then, Japan has requested that amusement park goers not scream on rides when the parks reopen this month and LGBTQ bars are dealt an additional blow with new social distancing rules.

Failure is an option

05.27.20 | Jeff Bezos of Amazon says that failure is an important part of growth and companies should not beat themselves up about it. We agree. An “out of this world” rancher in Pittsburgh, and an astronomical demand for eggs Caught our Eye this week. Amelia Jenks Bloomer is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Science says digging in dirt makes us happy

05.26.20 | Discover this one joyful activity, over all others, that transcends age, race, economic status, and gender. Then, China defines marriage with no surprises, and Americans are overwhelming thrift stores with donations.

American Business continues to lead on equality

05.20.20 | KFC and Hershey both made news this week with LGBTQ friendly actions in support of diverse workplaces. But first, The Inn at Little Washington has set up mannequins to enforce social distancing, and bike sales are surging in the US. Bob Switzer, the co-inventor and founder of fluorescent paint is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: The future of the electric car

05.19.20 | When it comes to electric cars, it is all about battery range, charging, and recycling. Tesla promises this month to address all of these issues, and more, as they reveal a battery that creates electric car pricing parity with that of gasoline powered vehicles. An unemployed massage therapist takes a job at an Amazon warehouse and while the hours are longer and the work harder, he now has health insurance. Finally, don’t expect “Tampongate” aka “Camillagate” to make it into the 4th season of The Crown.

Office sounds abound

05.13.20 | A new web site lets you recreate the sounds of the office—in case you were missing it. Twitter announces that working from home will be permanent if you want, and a look at how LGBTQ seniors are navigating the whole shelter in place directive. Luciano Benetton is our Business Birthday and put “Hollywood” and “Dead to Me” on your Netflix list.

TFG Unbuttoned: Curbside is now Dragside

05.12.20 | Fiddleheads, a restaurant in Michigan City, Indiana is delivering curbside take-out to customers using drag queens. It has been well received and puts a smile on everyone’s face. But first, a postcard is delivered 33 years late and Turkey is forbidding children from drawing rainbows because it is an LBGTQ plot for acceptance.

The future of the business handshake

05.06.20 | Will the business handshake go the way of the dinosaur? While shaking hands is not acceptable right now, the conventional wisdom is it will survive and be back…someday. Soloflex and other home gym equipment is seeing a resurgence, and listener Rob shows his baby Yoda dolls. Microsoft wants you to not hit the space bar twice at the end of a sentence, and Dan Gerber of Gerber Baby Food is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: A literal rat race

05.05.20 | Rats in major metro areas are dealing with food shortages based on our new normal, which has forced them to extreme behaviors. A Muslim Cleric in Turkey, with the support of Pres. Erdogan, has popularized an anti-LGBTQ slur of “Go to Holland.” Finally, Facebook doubles down on the insanity of what is right and wrong content on its platform. A lesbian wedding announcement was banned because Facebook classified it as a “social issue.”

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