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TFG Unbuttoned: Grindr Women

05.24.22 | CNN started CNN+ streaming service this past Spring, then promptly shuttered it leaving many people out of work. Imagine the surprise when many of them received Welcome to CNN gift baskets with branded merchandise and tips on how to make the most of their career at CNN. Then, Grindr is seeing an influx of straight women on the gay male hook-up site looking for femme or bisexual men. Good luck. Finally, Disney had introduced a line of Pride merchandise ready for June purchase with money going to LGBTQ non-profits. Many see this as a positive when compared with Disney’s Rainbow Collection of the past.

A Rose is not a Rose

05.18.22 | Shop Talk reveals that a PR firm has suggested to their clients to stay silent regarding Roe v. Wade. Thomas Midgley Jr., the inventor of leaded gas and Freon is our Business Birthday. Caught my eye highlights the accomplishments of astrophysicist, Dr. Jane Rigby. Also, a Catholic elementary school accidentally sells red thongs disguised as roses for Mother’s Day.

TFG Unbuttoned: Just Google It

05.17.22 | Thailand is sending 1 million cannabis plants to private citizens for medicinal purposes—and leaves us wondering why. Then, “The Griswolds” picked up a stray puppy alongside the road while on vacation—and it ended up being a wandering coyote! Finally, Google is allowing you to have private information hidden from the search engine. Address, email contact, and other data can be eliminated from search if you request by submitting a form that details what you do not want public. Remember, Bing or other search engines will still have your information available.

The Great Embrace

05.11.22 | Shop Talk looks at how companies are pivoting from The Great Resignation to The Great Embrace. Caught my eye explores the drought out West and what the low water levels are revealing. Also, Target is selling a t-shirt for Pride which is a design from the group Act Up. Stay tuned for how Target will resolve the infringement. Jackie Cochran, trailblazing aviator, and cosmetic guru is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Poop, Tickets, and Oz

05.10.22 | An 83-year-old retired doctor is accused of pooping in the pool, swimming in the wrong lane, and defecating in the spa shower of her Upper East Side NYC condo. She says MOST of the accusations are untrue and she is now embroiled in a legal suit with the Rio Condo and Spa. Stay tuned. Then, a NYC resident, Robert Samuel, has carved out a living waiting in line for clients looking for everything from Hamilton tickets to the latest Apple gadget. Finally, the niece of a long-dead priest who taught theater at the Catholic Univ in DC, is suing to block the sale of one of Judy Garland’s iconic “Wizard of Oz’’ blue and white gingham dresses that was missing for decades.

May the 4th be with you

05.04.22 | Shop Talk looks at professions considered by Redditors that have the highest proportion of gays. Caught My Eye suggests the Aldi Dutch Apple Pie could be your go to desert and rock groupie, Cynthia Plaster Caster has died at 74. Mannie Jackson, African American business pioneer and owner of the Harlem Globetrotters, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Ellen Degeneres signs off

05.03.22 | Talk show darling and pioneering comedian, Ellen Degeneres, taped her final show to air on May 26th. Looking back on her 19 years, Ellen thanked her fans and recounted all the changes they shared such as legalizing marriage equality, popularity of social media, and the launch of the iPhone. Then the Russian military steals $5million in farm equipment that they cannot use because the Ukrainians remotely locked the vehicles. Finally, Mattel launches a Queen Elizabeth doll to mixed opinions of loyal royal fans.

5 Most LGBTQ Banned Books in America

04.27.22 | Shop Talk explores the 5 most LGBTQ banned books in America. Caught My Eye alerts us to an auction for the ax prop from The Shining. Also, a Japanese rail operator is awarded about 45 cents from the public transit authority that docked his pay for not adhering to a schedule. Wallace Carothers, the inventor of nylon is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Madison Cawthorn is pretty in panties

04.26.22 | Carnegie Mellon professor, Uju Anya, calls out the double standards of Ivy educated Gov. Rick Desantis and his Florida “don’t Say Gay” Bill. She smartly points out that heterosexuality is a sexual orientation, and this bill is about homosexuality, not sexual orientation. Then, right wing poster boy Rep. Madison Cawthorn, says pictures released of him in women’s lingerie were simply vacation photographs and part of a game. LOL. He seems to be going the way of former conservative darling, Aaron Schock, of Illinois. Finally, Twitter bans country singer Steve Grand due to explicit content. Steve in his Speedo is unacceptable, while Twitter is awash in explicit porn or all types.

Happy 420 Day

04.20.22 | Shop Talk explores an article that says it is OK to let your mind wander each day. Caught My Eye warns us to be careful with self-pleasure for fear of a torn lung. Also, why is there an “r” in Mrs. (Missus)? Corporate and wholesale printing giant Glen Taylor is our Business Birthday. Happy 81st!

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