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TFG Unbuttoned: Book Banning Bonanza

09.27.22 | Book banning has gone into overdrive as conservative activists continue their assault on all things LGBTQ and race with a record number of books being banned 2022. Franzia Wine has teamed up with BARK to create matching box wine costumes for you and man’s best friend. Finally, vegan purveyor Beyond Meat’s leader, Doug Ramsey bites off man’s nose in the heat of an argument over a Subaru bumping a Bronco in Arkansas. A vegan and a Subaru head to a Razorbacks Game… Sounds like the start of a good joke—stay tuned!

Benefit of Doubt

09.21.22 | Shop Talk looks at ways to combat doubt and find your personal and professional attributes that give you strength and confidence. Caught My Eye looks at elective surgery for men who want to be taller. Also Fred Franzia, the guy behind Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chuck dies. The co-founder of Abercrombie & Fitch, Ezra Fitch, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Putin Folly

09.20.22 | After Putin and his troops got their butt-kicked last week by the Ukrainians he was not fazed as he opened a new Ferris wheel in Moscow. “The biggest and nothing like it in Europe,” Putin declared as it broke down the next day. Google wrongly deposits 250K into a user’s bank account. How do you let them know? Finally, a veteran’s old age home in Taiwan rethinks and apologizes for hiring an overzealous stripper for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The secrets of luck

09.14.22 | Shop Talk looks at luck as being a part of life that we should recognize and accept. Caught My Eye involves a Southwest Airline pilot who did not want to receive NSFW airdropped images and a cruise ship that will be scrapped before its first voyage. The first woman to lead a major airline, Colleen Barrett, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Boise Pride Dilemma

09.13.22 | Drag Kids was a costume and lip sync event that was supposed to take place during Boise Pride. Unfortunately, some right-wing extremists felt it was the sexualization of children and companies and organizers had to regroup. Shame on the companies that bowed to the pressure by the Republicans and pulled back their Pride funding. Then, retailers like Gap and Kohl’s are employing a strategy known as “pack and hold.” The plan is to store unsold inventory to sell next year rather than taking huge discounts or write-offs. Finally, a large Roman phallus is uncovered in Spain.

Bottoms Up

09.07.22 | Shop Talk looks at the “negative lumping effect.” Caught My Eye reveals some of the props that Mark Hamill has collected over the years from the Star Wars movie franchise. Also, a California assisted living facility serves some patients dish soap thinking it was juice. Inventor of the flat-bottom paper bag, Luther Crowell, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Girl Down

09.06.22 | Drag Legend, Varla Jean Merman, slipped on a tic-tac and broke her kneecap while performing last week at P-Town’s Crown and Anchor. Varla took it in stride as she was pumped full of morphine for her ride to a hospital in Hyannis. Fox News was critical of Prince Harry’s large gas-guzzling SUV idling in the parking lot waiting for his arrival—but failed to notice that Harry’s huge SUV was an all-electric Audi e-Tron. Finally, next summer in 2024, a visitor center will open in next to The Stonewall Inn. While it continues to operate as a bar, the area around it was designated by former President Barack Obama in 2016 as the country’s first national monument to LGBTQ) rights.

Whip it good

08.31.22 | Shop Talk looks at the advent of Arizona Tea and a supposedly new trend of Quiet Quitting in the workplace. Caught My Eye warns New Yorkers that if they buy whipped cream, they must be at least 21 and may have to show an ID. Also, a recent study believes that dog and cat owners may take on the behaviors of their pets. Cat owners being more cautious and dog owners having more risky behavior. Bill DeWitt Jr. is our Business Birthday. Happy 81st to Dewitt who owns the St Louis Cardinals, US Playing Cards, and 63 Arby’s restaurants—among other things.

TFG Unbuttoned: Extra, extra don’t read all about it

08.30.22 | A Grand Island, Nebraska school board has shuttered Saga, the 54-year-old high school newspaper, because it did not like recent content. The staff was reprimanded for using a writer’s preferred pronouns, covering PRIDE, and publishing an editorial against Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. So much for teaching free speech. Then, California is placing solar panels over canals to save water and energy. Dubbed Project Nexus, should it succeed in the perceived savings of water and money, expect hundreds of miles of canals in California to get the same system. Finally, the $1.34 billion lottery ticket winner has yet to come forward. They have a year to claim the prize, or the winnings go back to the lottery in July of 2023.

Food For Thought

08.24.22 | Shop Talk looks at three food related business stories. Caught My Eye looks at a woman who has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court for being denied a FCANCER license plate. Also, a new book was just released about Crazy Eddie, the northeastern electronics giant, who was forever present on TV in the 80’s. James Lick, at one time the “Richest Man in California,” is our Business Birthday.

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