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So Tasty Too

11.08.23 | Shop Talk shares a study from Yale that says brain activity drops on Zoom calls, as they do not allow us to properly get visual cues like you would in person. Caught My Eye finds the long-lost Star Trek Enterprise model. Also, a couple is suing a San Francisco Ritz Carlton claiming a tainted water bottle. Milton Bradley, creator of the board game industry and the toy company Milton Bradley, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Deodorant Sales No Longer Stink

11.07.23 | People were apparently not wearing deodorant during lockdown. Unilever and P&G are both reporting a surge in deodorant sales now that people are heading back to the workplace outside the home. But first, a woman in Atlanta comes home from vacation to find a home she owns demolished. The contractor had the wrong address. Then, Panera Bread is being sued for not labeling their “Charged Lemonade” properly, which allegedly resulted in the death of a young woman in Pennsylvania.

Pole Dancing Skeleton

11.01.23 | Shop Talk shares what it was like for “older gays” to go out and meet people before apps. “You had to meet out and do things,” as many of you know. Caught My Eye looks at a $700 a month sleeping pod commune in San Francisco that some believe is a bargain. Also, a Utah homeowner is asked to remove his pole dancing skeleton Halloween display. George Safford Parker, innovator of the ink pen and founder of The Parker Pen Company, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Spirit Halloween “Gay Guy” Costume Goes Viral

10.31.23 | Spirit Halloween, the pop-up shop housed in defunct mall stores, has a viral hit on its hands with a “Gay Guy” costume. The only hitch is the costume is a fake! But first, Dollar General goes too far with pre-employment medical screening and is now in legal trouble. Finally, Utah leads the pack with Google searches about sexual orientation. Since 2004 Google searches asking how to know if you are gay or lesbian, has increased by 1,300%.

Hello Dolly

10.25.23 | Shop Talk shares lessons learned from a bank teller who says you can tell a lot about someone based on their banking habits and visual cues. Caught My Eye looks at a recent auction where a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter production model recently sold for over $3 million. Also, a funeral home employee is smitten with a deceased man’s sex doll and ends up losing his job over it. John Francis Dodge of Dodge Automobile fame is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Leave your leaves this Fall

10.24.23 | The latest attraction in Las Vegas, the Sphere, is keeping some awake at night. Who sleeps in Vegas anyway? Then, some naturalists are advocating that you allow your leaves this Fall to remain where they land and let them decompose to replenish the soil. The fallen leaves are also great for pollinators and other insects to survive winter and become food for birds in the spring. Finally, M&M Mars is teaming up with GoPuff to create a Halloween Rescue Squad that will deliver candy in under an hour if you are running low on the 31st.

Shocking Repair Bills Accompany Electric Vehicles

10.18.23 | Shop Talk exposes some unforeseen repair costs for owners of electric vehicles such as the Rivian R1T pick-up. Because of gigacasting a fender bender repair can cost as much as $40K or more. Caught My Eye prepares you for a cost increase of your favorite Girl Scout cookies, and they have discontinued their most popular cookie of 2023. Also, ladies of the night strip down at all hours now in California city to blatantly flaunt their wares. The Mayor of National City blames it on the Governor’s recent signing of a bill that leaves a loitering loophole for prostitutes. The Founder of toy retailer FAO Schwarz, Frederick Schwarz, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Ring offering a million dollars for proof of aliens

10.17.23 | Ring Doorbell is offering $1 million dollars to anyone who captures a confirmed alien on their Ring camera. You have until November 3rd to submit and if you are creative with a good hoax, you’ll also have a chance at a $500 Amazon Gift Card. Then, a woman from Minnesota declared giraffe feces from her trip to Kenya with US Customs. She claims that she planned to make a necklace with the poop. Finally, a recent study reveals that fewer people want to bike to work despite the investments of infrastructure that cities have created for cyclists along with the buying surge of electric bikes.

Get a College Degree and Live Longer

10.11.23 | Shop Talk looks at a Brookings Study that equates having a college degree with a longer life expectancy. Caught My Eye takes a trip to Disney for a wedgie on the Typhoon Lagoon water slide. Also, outdoor retailer Eddie Bauer, ditches its script logo in favor of block letters so Gen Z can read it. Ketchup developer, Henry John Heinz, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Martina Speaks and Cher Freaks

10.10.23 | Tennis legend Martina Navratilova tells Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe to “just be quiet” regarding trans issues. Then, Cher is accused of kidnapping her son, Elijah Blue Allman. Allman’s estranged wife says Cher hired “kidnappers” to take her son from her and thwart any chance of reconciliation of the couple’s relationship. Also, Abercrombie & Fitch CEO is once again accused of sexual misconduct regarding male models during his tenure at the head of the retailer. Finally, John reveals the answers to last month’s Criterion Pick That Flick.

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